On this webpage, representatives of foreign limited liability companies will find all information and direction needed to register in Wyoming. As the online filing system is only available to domestic LLCs and corporations, it will be necessary to submit the requisite filing forms through the mail. Filers will need to download and complete the PDF application provided below before forwarding it to the Secretary of State with a $100 filing fee attached. All foreign entities must also include with their filings a certificate of good standing from the initial jurisdiction of formation.

Before filing, it would be wise to perform a Business Entity Search to check the availability of the operating name you plan on using. Furthermore, a Name Reservation application can be filed if additional time is required to prepare for registration. For $50, a name can be reserved for a period of 120 days.

How to File

Step 1- To begin, you will need to download the Application for Certificate of Authority.

Step 2- The following information will be required:

Page 1

  • 1-Name of the LLC
  • 2-Initial state or country of formation
  • 3-Date of organization
  • 4-Period of duration
  • 5-Mailing address
  • 6-Principal office address
  • 7-Name and address of the registered agent


Page 2

  • 9-Date the LLC began transacting business in Wyoming, or the date it will begin transacting business
  • Signature, printed name, business title, contact person, daytime phone number and email address of an authorized individual as well as the date signed


Page 3

  • Name of the registered agent
  • Address of the registered office
  • Name of business
  • Signature of the registered agent
  • Date signed
  • Printed name of the registered agent
  • Business title of the registered agent
  • Daytime phone number of the registered agent
  • Email address of the registered agent


Step 3- Once the application has been completed and signed by an authorized individual, a filing fee will need to be attached in the amount of $100. Accepted forms of payment include check or money order made out to the Wyoming Secretary of State. Your registration must also include a certificate of good standing, or like document, from the initial jurisdiction of formation. Gather all items and forward them to the address below.

Wyoming Secretary of State

2020 Carey Avenue, Suite 700

Cheyenne, WY 82002


Renewal – In Wyoming, like in most states, limited liability companies will be required to file an annual report with the Secretary of State in order to remain in good standing. This renewal will allow you to update your general business information as well as notify the state of any major structural changes that have occurred over the past year. Reports will be due on the first day of the anniversary month of formation and can be submitted online using your filing ID number (retrieve your filing ID number here). A $50 filing fee will be required during this process. Click on the link at the heading of this paragraph to access the online portal in which reports can be submitted.