Our team here at Start a Business has provided a guide for representatives of foreign limited liability companies looking to register with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. Our step-by-step guides will enable filers to navigate through the online and paper filing procedures with ease and, within a matter of minutes, successfully submit their Application for Certificate of Registration. Like in most states, individuals registering a foreign entity will need to supply, with their filings, a certificate of good standing or a document of equal relevance. The filing fee for this type of registration is $100.

It is recommended, though not legally required, that filers perform a Business Entity Search prior to registration to check the availability of their proposed operating name. Some may also wish to file a Name Reservation which, for the low cost of $15, will reserve a name for a period of 120 days.

How to File (Online)

Step 1- The online filing process begins by navigating to this website. From there, select the type of entity you would like to register.


Step 2- A detailed description of the requisite information will be displayed on the following page. Click Start after confirming that you can indeed provide the items listed.


Step 3- Enter the name of the foreign limited liability company. Be sure to include the appropriate abbreviation to follow the name (ex. L.L.C.).


Step 4- Specify the corporation’s initial jurisdiction as well as the date of organization.

WI-Online-LLC-F-3Step 5- The name of an individual or entity must be provided to act as the registered agent in Wisconsin.


Step 6- Provide the principal office address of the limited liability company.


Step 7- Specify as to whether the management of the limited liability company will be vested in a managers or members. Continue by letting the state know if the company has previously transacted business in Wisconsin without holding a Certificate of Registration, and if so, the year these transactions began.


Step 8- Check the small box at the beginning of this next section to verify that the applicant is representing a foreign limited liability company. Provide the applicant’s business title, the date singed, and a virtual signature.


Step 9- Specify the effective date of formation, if not effective upon filing the Certificate of Registration.


Step 10- Contact information will be required on the following page. Enter a street address as well as a phone number and email.


Step 11- Verify that the information was supplied correctly before clicking Submit to continue.

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Step 12- A description of the $100 filing fee will be displayed on the following page. Continue by clicking Proceed to Checkout.


Step 13- To pay for the filing fee and complete your registration, enter your credit card details and click Submit Payment.


How to File (PDF)

Step 1- Filers must begin by downloading the Application for Certificate of Registration.

Step 2- Continue by submitting the following information:

Page 1

  • 1-Name of the limited liability company as well as a fictitious name
  • 2-Initial jurisdiction of formation
  • 3-Date of organization
  • 4-Name of the registered agent in Wisconsin
  • 5-Address of the registered office in Wisconsin
  • 6-Address of the primary office
  • 7-Specify as to whether or not the company’s management is vested in a manager/managers


Page 2

  • 8-Specify as to whether or not the company has transacted business in Wisconsin without holding a Certificate of Registration
  • 9-Certify that the applicant is a foreign limited liability company
  • 10-Date signed, printed name of individual executing this document, business title and signature

WI-Application-For-Certificate-of-Registration-2Page 3

  • 11-Delayed effective date (if any)
  • 12-Contact information


Step 3- Once the application has been completed, a check made out to the Department of Financial Institutions will need to be attached in the amount of $100. Foreign entities must also include a certificate of good standing from the initial jurisdiction of formation. Forward all articles to the address below.

State of WI Dept. of Financial Institutions

Box 93348

Milwaukee WI 53293-0348


Renewal – Foreign limited liability companies in Wisconsin will be required to file an annual report with the Department of Financial Institutions to renew their registration. This report will provide LLC representatives with the ability to notify the state of any major structural changes that may have occurred and will in turn enable them to remain in good standing. Filing should take place during the first quarter of each year following the calendar year in which the foreign corporation became authorized to transact business in Wisconsin. Through the state’s online portal, you will be able to file your annual report as well as pay the required $80 filing fee.