This webpage is designed to give instructions on how to register a foreign LLC with the Washington Secretary of State. In this state, a filing of this kind must be executed online using the streamlined and easy to use government portal. In fact, the process of registering a LLC from a foreign jurisdiction is identical to that of a foreign corporation or partnership. Through the online filing process, filers will be able to provide all requisite information, upload the certificate of good standing from their home jurisdiction, and pay the filing fee of $200 by credit card. Each step of the process has been relayed in our in-depth tutorial below.

It is wise to perform a Business Entity Search prior to registration, using the Secretary of State’s public business database to ensure that the name of your company is available for use in Washington. If you need additional time with which to prepare for filing, it may be advisable to reserve your company name. Reservations in Washington last for a total of 180 days and cost no more than $30.

How to File

Step 1- Begin by navigating to this webpage on the Secretary of State website. Once there, click Start New to begin the foreign registration process.


Step 2- Select the Limited Liability Company option from the drop down menu.


Step 3- You will be required to, at the bottom of the page, submit a name for review by entering it into the provided field and click Lookup. A list should generate of all the names which match the one you’re researching. If it looks as though your name is available for use, you can click Continue at the bottom of the page.



Step 4- This step will just show you your application ID. Keep track of it if you plan on saving the registration at some point and returning to it at a later date. Click Continue when ready.


Step 5-  Provide here, the contact person’s name, phone number, email address, and physical address before continuing.


Step 6- Under Corporate Information (applicable for all entities not just corporations), you will be required to provide the purpose of the entity, the date and location of original formation, the duration (perpetual or otherwise), and date the LLC began doing business or intends on doing business in Washington. Click Continue when ready.


Step 7- Provide the principle office location and the mailing address if different. If required to maintain another office in the home jurisdiction, enter the street address and mailing address of this office as well. At the bottom of the page you must click Attach Certificate to proceed.


Step 8- Click Choose File to select the file from your computer and once it displays its name, click Upload File followed by Continue. You will be transported back to the previous page where you can click Continue once again.


Step 9- The registered agent information will need to be entered at this stage in the filing process. Supply the nature in which the registered agent will show consent, the type of agent (individual or entity), the name of the individual or entity, and the street address in Washington. If you wish, you may also provide their email address.



Step 10- Add the name and addresses of each governing member of the LLC by clicking the Add Governors link and supplying them on the subsequent page. Once all members have been provided, click Continue.

wa-lp-12Step 11- Type your full name and title as submitter here.


Step 12- You will be able to review all the information entered thus far and, if it seems accurate and complete, click Continue.


Step 13- Your shopping cart should read $200 under the Cost heading. Click Continue if everything seems to be in order.


Step 14- You must pay the filing fee by credit card. Supply your card number, name on credit card, and the expiration date. Below this, your billing information must be entered. Include your phone number and street address before clicking Complete Order. The processing time for online registration is usually between 2-3 days and they will inform you on a later date as to whether or not your application was accepted. Good luck!


Renewal– Both corporations and limited liability companies are required to renew each year in order to stay in good standing with the Washington Secretary of State. The one peculiarity in this state is that the report will be provided by the Business Licensing Center and it is this department that will supply companies with the renewal notice within 45 days of the renewal date. LLCs will be charged a total of $71 per annual report submission, the fee for which can be paid online by credit or debit card. Before you can submit this report however, you must create an online account with the Department of Revenue filing system as it is through this portal that the renewal documents will be provided.