In this tutorial we will quickly walk you through the process of creating an online account with the Vermont Corporations Division. The portal is extremely well put together and will ensure for the quickest, most convenient business filing experience. With an active account, you will be able to not only register your business electronically but effectively manage it once your filing has been accepted. Scroll down to find out exactly how to get your account up and running.

How to Register

Step 1- You will first need to navigate to this website and click on the Create a User Account link found at the bottom of the window.


Step 2- Begin by identifying your role as representative (UCC only, business user, registered agent, other filer). Next, provide your name and address before submitting your mobile number (optional) and your email address.


Step 3- Choose your user ID of choice then choose your password and enter it a second time to confirm it. Finally, you will be required to select a security question from the drop down list and provide an answer before clicking Create My Account.


Step 4- If everything was entered correctly, you will be notified that your account has been created successfully and will be presented with your login credentials. Click Login to access your business filings homepage.


How to (Video)