This guide has been put together to assist business representatives as they purchase certificates of good standing or status from the Vermont Secretary of State. In this state, a certificate of good standing is used to show that a corporation, LLC, or LLP is up to date with all annual filings. Proof of your good standing with the Secretary of State is often needed when applying for authority to transact business in foreign jurisdictions. It’s not uncommon for such a certificate to be demanded by financial institutions as well if the business in question is applying for financing. Limited partnerships and general partnerships, when expanding or applying for loans, will be required to use a Certificate of Status instead as they are not required to submit an annual report and are therefore unable to be in good standing. Both certificates can be purchased online for $25.

How to Request

Step 1- You must begin by logging into your online account on this webpage. If you haven’t created an account with the Online Business Service Center, you can review our tutorial here which will detail the registration process.


Step 2- Once you’ve accessed your homepage, click on the VT SEC OF STATE ONLINE SERVICES on the far left hand side of the screen. There you will be able to click on either the Certificate of Good Standing option or the Certificate of Status link.


Step 3- This page will just inform you that you will need to have a PDF viewer in order to view the purchased certificate.


Step 4- Start the process by performing a business search. Choose whether you want to conduct the search by name or by business ID then submit the name/number into the field and click Search Business.


Step 5- A list should appear of all the names that match the contents of your query. If you searched by business ID, you will see just the one result. Make your selection by checking the bubble in the far right hand column and click Continue.


Step 6- Supply the number of copies you’d wish to purchase and click Continue.


Step 7- Your payment information should be provided at this point. This will mean either your credit card info and billing address, or your account information (if you’re paying by eCheck). Once the purchase has gone through, you will have successfully acquired a certificate of good standing and will be able to download it as a PDF.



How to (Video)