When preparing to file a business with the State Corporation Commission, you may find it useful to perform a name reservation. This filing will ensure that no business is able to use your chosen entity name for a period of 120 days while you get your affairs. To reserve, you will be required to download and complete a PDF (found below) and forward it to the State Corporation Commission’s offices. Applications must be submitted with a $10 filing fee. It is also recommended that a Business Entity Search be performed prior to reservation to ensure that the requested name is indeed available for use.

How to Reserve a Business Name

Step 1- You must first download the PDF application.

Step 2- The document will ask for the following information:

  • Type of application being filed
  • Name to be reserved
  • Applicant’s printed name
  • Applicant’s mailing address
  • Signature of applicant or authorized agent
  • Printed name of authorized agent and business title (if applicable)
  • Phone number of applicant or authorized agent


Step 3- Once the application has been completed and signed by the authorized individuals, a check made out to the State Corporation Commission in the amount of $10 must be attached. Send both the application and the fee to the address below.

State Corporation Commission

Office of the Clerk

P.O. Box 1197 – Richmond, Virginia 23218

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