This webpage has been designed to assist representatives of foreign corporations as the navigate through Virginia’s registration process. Our tutorial will provide you with all the information necessary to get your business successfully filed with the State Corporation Commission. Many offices enable filers to submit their applications online, however foreign corporations in this state must be registered by mail. The downloadable PDFs linked below must be completed and sent to the state authorities with an attached filing fee ($25 + $50 for each additional 25,000 shares) in order for your entity to be properly filed. Scroll down to get a full understanding of the few steps involved in registering a corporation in this state.

It is recommended that a Business Entity Search be performed prior to registration to ensure that the proposed operating name is available for use in Virginia. You may also wish to employ the use of a Name Reservation application (filing fee: $10) as this will reserve a business name for a total of 120 days prior to registration.

How to File

Step 1- Filers must begin by downloading the Application for a Certificate of Authority.

Step 2- Once the application has been downloaded, continue by supplying the following information:

  • Name of the corporation
  • Designated name (if required)
  • Initial jurisdiction of incorporation
  • Date of incorporation
  • Period of duration
  • Specify as to whether or not the corporation was previously authorized to transact business in Virginia
  • Address of the principal office
  • Name of the registered agent
  • Registered agent’s status
  • Registered agent’s address
  • Name, title and business address of the officers
  • Name, title and business address of the directors
  • Number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue and the class of those shares
  • Signature, printed name, date, business title


Step 3- Attach a certificate of good standing to the completed application along with a check made out to the State Corporation Commission. The filing fee for this entity type is $25 + $50 for each additional 25,000 shares. Forward all items to the address below for processing once consolidated.

State Corporation Commission

Office of the Clerk

P.O. Box 1197 – Richmond, Virginia 23218


Renewal – The Virginia State Corporation Commission has demanded that all corporations file an annual report. This renewal will update the state’s offices of any major changes that have occurred over the course of the previous year which will in turn enable your business to remain in good standing. Filers will be required to submit their renewal applications online using their SCC ID number (find your SSC ID number with a business search). A separate registration fee will also be required, the amount of which is based upon the number of shares your corporation is authorized to issue. Registration fees are payable online in similar fashion to the annual reports.