This webpage has been created to guide business representatives through the process of purchasing a Certificate of Good Standing in Virginia. This document can be requested for a number of reasons, most notably to prove the validity of a business attempting to expand into a foreign jurisdiction. Partnership representatives will be unable to make a request as this option is only presented to corporations and limited liability companies. The tutorial below features a step-by-step guide detailing the online purchasing process (price: $7.95).

How to Request

Step 1- Begin by navigating to this website. From there, scroll down until you reach the Certificate of Good Standing/Certificate of Fact menu. Select the type of certificate you would like to purchase, then enter your SCC ID number and click Pay.


Step 2- Read the information on the following page carefully as it contains important information regarding the purchase of your certificate. Continue by clicking Order Certificate.


Step 3- A valid credit card will need to be provided in order to pay for the filing fee. Proceed by clicking Next.


Step 4- Read the official terms and conditions before clicking Accept to continue.


Step 5- On this final page, enter your personal information as well your credit card details. Click Continue to commit to payment and conclude the filing procedure.


How to (Video)