This webpage has been designed to assist representatives of foreign corporations wishing to expand their business into the state of Utah. Our tutorials contain all the information necessary to get your entity registered with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code in the most efficient way possible. Filers may choose to file their formation documents online or by mail, the former method requiring the creation of an online account. A $70 fee will need to be included when registering a profit corporation while the registration of a non-profit entities requires only $30. The state also demands that foreign businesses provide a certificate of existence with their filings which has been issued no later than 90 days prior to registration in Utah.

It is imperative that your business name be distinguishable from the name of any other entity on file in the state. For this reason, we advise that a business search be performed prior to application to check the availability of your desired operating name. The use of a name may be secured for a period of 120 days with the filing of a Name Reservation application.

How to File (Online)

The following tutorial is directed towards the filing process of a profit corporation. Filing a non-profit corporation is possible with this tutorial as well though additional steps may be required.

Step 1- Begin by logging into your online account. If an account hasn’t yet been created review our tutorial on this procedure here.


Step 2- Select the tab titled Register a new business to proceed.


Step 3- A series of helpful links have been provided by the state should assistance be required before filing. Click Begin Registration when you are ready to proceed.


Step 4- Select the tab titled I am registering a new business in Utah.


Step 5- Answer Yes or No to the questions presented on the following page. You may optionally add a third party designee to receive entity registration information and respond to questions about the application.






Step 6- The filing steps presented on the following page will need to be be successfully completed in order for your registration to be accepted. Begin with the Preregistration Questions.


Step 7- Answer Yes or No to the questions on the following page.


Step 8- With the preregistration questions completed you must now Declare the Business Entity.


Step 9- Specify the type of entity being formed by choosing one of the options from the drop-down menu.


Step 10- Select a entity subtype from the available options. A certificate of good standing must then be uploaded using the Choose File tab. Lastly, specify the state/country of formation, business name in original jurisdiction, and date of formation.


Step 11- The certificate of good standing will need to be approved by the state before the entirety of the registration process can be completed. Proceed by clicking Continue Your Registration.


Step 12- An operating name must now be provided. Begin this process by clicking the link titled Name the Business.


Step 13- Provide a business name into the entry field and specify the suffix to be included at the end of the name.


Step 14- The name must now be requested and reserved. Request a Business Name will provide you with the ability to perform both of these tasks.


Step 15- The total fee for a name reservation is $22. Click Continue to begin the payment process.


Step 16- A valid credit card will be required to pay the filing fee. Click Continue once the necessary details have been provided.


Step 17- Verify that the information was provided correctly before clicking Yes to proceed.


Step 18- You may optionally print a receipt for the name reservation to keep for your personal filings. Click Continue to move forward.


Step 19- An email will be sent to notify you when your requested business name has been either approved or denied.


Step 20- The next step will require you to Describe the Business and its Activities.


Step 21- Supply some general business information into the provided entry fields (address, phone number, fax, website).


Step 22- Select the business code that most closely matches your company’s primary purpose. You must also provide a detailed description of the business purpose into the text box.


Step 23- Specify the date your business will be active as well as the date of dissolution. Additional questions must then be answered by selecting Yes or No.


Step 24- Continue by selecting the step titled Provide Business Addresses and Locations.


Step 25- Check the box located in the green field if the the primary business address is the same as your business headquarters.


Step 26- Provide the expected hours of operation by selecting a start and end time. You must then specify as to whether your corporation will be based in a home or commercial location then supply the expected date your corporation will start selling or making purchases. Lastly, another series of questions will need to be answered before clicking Continue to proceed.



Step 27- Begin supplying a mailing address with the link titled Add a Mailing Address.


Step 28- Provide the address into the available entry fields.


Step 29- Once the address has been supplied, proceed by clicking Continue Your Registration.


Step 30- You can now Define the Ownership and Management.


Step 31- The management information will need to be supplied on the following page. Click Add Principal to begin providing these details. A designator must be specified for each of the individuals/entities provided.




Step 32- Continue by clicking the link titled Existing Account Information and Management.


Step 33- Provide your federal employer identification number into the entry field and click Continue.


Step 34- You must now provide the Electronic Signatures of the attorney in-fact or of each principal individual.


Step 35- Specify as to whose signature(s) you will be providing.


Step 36- Enter either the signature(s) of the attorney in-fact or of the incorporators.

Attorney In-Fact




Step 37- Continue by selecting the last step titled Create Articles.


Step 38- Specify the duration of business into the provided entry field. Enter Perpetual if the business is going to perpetually exist. You may optionally describe the race and gender of the business.


Step 39- With all the necessary steps completed, Confirm and Complete Your Registration will bring you to the last few stages of the filing process.


Step 40- Simply click Continue on the following page to proceed.


Step 41- A description of the $30 filing fee will be displayed on the following page.


Step 42- Lastly, enter your credit card details and account holder information. Click Continue to commit to payment and conclude the registration process.


How to File (PDF)

Step 1- The filing process for a profit or non-profit corporation begins by downloading the PDF application.

Step 2- Continue by submitting the following information:

  • Type of corporation being filed
  • 1-Name of the corporation
  • 2-Home jurisdiction
  • 3-Date of incorporation
  • 4-Period of duration
  • 5-Address of the principal office
  • 6-Name and address of the registered agent
  • 7-Alternative name if the initial name is not available
  • 8-Intended date business shall be commenced
  • 9-Names and addresses of the corporation’s directors and officers
  • 10-Intended business purpose(s)


Step 3- A filing fee will need to be attached to the completed application (profit- $70, non-profit- $30). Payment for applications filed through the mail can be supplied by check or money order made out to the State of Utah. Applications filed by fax must include a cover sheet with a credit card number and expiration date. Be sure to include a certificate of good standing from the corporation’s initial jurisdiction dated no earlier than 90 days prior to filing. Send all articles to the appropriate address below.


Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code
PO Box 146705
Salt Lake City Utah 84114-6705


(801) 530-6438


Renewal – An annual report must be filed with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code to notify the state of any changes that may have occurred to your business in the past year. This filing will also ensure that your corporation remains in good standing. A report can be filed online using your entity ID number. If you are unaware of your entity ID number, you can retrieve this information by performing a business search. Filing by mail can be accomplished by completing the Annual Report/Renewal form and sending it to the address below. A fee of $15 will need to be provided when renewing a profit corporation and a fee of $10 must be paid by those forming a non-profit corporation.


Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code
PO Box 146705
Salt Lake City Utah 84114-6705


(801) 530-6438