This webpage has been created to assist business representatives through the process of requesting a Certificate of Existence in Utah. Often referred to as a certificate of good standing, this document is most commonly used to relay the status of the entity in question to financial institutions and foreign jurisdictions when applying for financing or seeking authority to transact business. Filing a request is simple and can be accomplished through the entity search function found on the website of the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. A processing fee of $12 will be required, payable by credit card or with the use of a subscription account.

How to Request

Step 1- Requesting a Certificate of Existence can be accomplished through the business entity search function found on this website. Begin by entering either the name of your business, the entity number, or the executive name.


Step 2- The results of your search will be displayed in a manner similar to that of the image shown below. Click on the name of the entity itself or the Details link on the right.


Step 3- Your entity’s details will be presented on the following page. Select the link titled Purchase Certificate of Existence, circled below.


Step 4- A filing fee of $12 must be supplied in order to complete your request. Accepted forms of payment include credit card or a subscription account (create a subscription account here). Clicking the Subscription Account tab will automatically take the funds from your account and conclude this process.


Step 5- If you decide to pay by credit card, simply enter your card details into the provided entry fields. Click Continue once all the requisite information has been supplied.



How to (Video)