Welcome to the Start a Business tutorial for the registration of corporations in the state of Texas. This main page is designed to give a general overview of the steps taken in filing either a Certificate of Formation (domestic profit, non-profit, professional) or a Application for Registration (foreign profit, non-profit, professional). Clicking on the links found throughout this page will provide you with more in-depth examinations of the various filing procedures as well as give insight into the few steps to consider taking before and after registration. Below we’ve listed each corporation type available in Texas and the respective filing fee.

How to File

Step 1- It is required that all entities register with a name that is completely unique and distinguishable from that of any other business on file with the Secretary of State. For this reason, we suggest that the first step in filing be ensuring that your name is available through a Business Entity Search. If you wish to reserve your entity name, you may do so for the price of $40. This filing will ensure that no business uses your corporate name for a period of 120 days prior to your registration.

Step 2- Next, access your filing forms. Below we’ve linked our complete tutorials for both domestic and foreign corporations. Click on the one which correlates with your jurisdiction to gain access to information on how to file online and how to file through the use of a PDF.

Step 3- Once you’ve completed the forms, be it online or by PDF, you will be able to send them to the Secretary of State with the attached filing fee (see above list). If you are filing online, clicking the Submit Filing link on the final page will allow you to accomplish the delivery of the forms and the payment of the filing fee simultaneously. Those opting to use the PDF to file a physical copy of the form will be required to provide two copies of the completed document and a filing fee in the form of a check or money order made out to the Secretary of State. You may also use this document to pay the fee via credit card. To deliver the documents, mail them to the first address below, hand deliver them to the second or fax them at this number: (512) 463-5709.

Address 1:

Secretary of State

P.O. Box 13697

Austin, TX 78711

Address 2:

James Earl Rudder Office Building

1019 Brazos

Austin, Texas 78701


EIN– If you’ve just filed for the creation of a new, domestic corporation you will also need to obtain an Employer Identification Number in order to begin transacting business. This number is issued by the IRS and is used to identify each legitimate, tax withholding employer in the United States. Consider it the corporate equivalent of a Social Security Number. Without one, the corporation will be unable to open bank accounts, request financing and hire employees. For information on the application process, both Online and through the use of the PDF form SS-4, click on the heading of this paragraph.

Corporate Bylaw– It is not legally required that the incorporators of a new entity draft a corporate bylaw during their business’s formation process. That being said, it is always a wise decision to establish the manner in which the internal affairs of your entity are to be organized and there is no better way to accomplish this than in creating this binding agreement. Through a corporate bylaw, all logistical and financial provisions we’ll be able to be delineated in black and white to provide a clear blueprint of the entity’s internal organization. We have provided a free template for such an agreement, available in MS Word format and Adobe PDF, linked in the heading of this paragraph.

How to (Video)