This tutorial has been designed to assist business entity representatives as they attempt to purchase a Certificate of Existence in Tennessee. This document often goes a by a number of other names, most commonly the certificate of good standing, however its purpose remains the same; to prove that the business in question is up to date with all business filings and fees and is therefore in good standing with the Secretary of State. This document is commonly used when applying for registration in foreign jurisdictions or when requesting financing. Below, we’ve featured a step by step guide on the online process of purchasing ($20) and downloading this certificate.

How to Request

Step 1- To begin, you will need to navigate to this website which will allow you begin the process by performing a business entity search. Simply provide the name of your company into the first field of the window or enter the control number into the second. You will also need to supply the image text into the bottom field before clicking Search.


Step 2- A list of all entities whose names match the metrics of your search will appear below the search window. If you chose to search by control number, there should be a single search result. Click on the control number of your entity to continue.


Step 3- Above the window that contains the business details, you should see a smaller one which gives a list of the available entity actions. On it, the Certificate of Existence should be present.


Step 4- A brief description of the submission process will appear as well as the option of requesting online or through the mail. For the purposes of this tutorial, you should simply click Start Now!. 


Step 5- Your entities business details will be presented here. If all statuses are labeled as “Good”, you will be able to click Continue at the bottom right hand side of the window.

tn-certificate-2Step 6- The secondary step will have you providing your name and full address before clicking continue.


Step 7- Here you will be given two options in terms of submission and payment. You can either print off a PDF of the request form by clicking on the bottom option, or, you may Continue with Online Payment. If you’ve chosen the former of the two delivery methods, you will need to provide the filing fee of $20 in the form of a check and mail the PDF to the below address.


Step 8- This step is of course only applicable to those who have chosen to pay online. You will need to supply your credit card and billing information into the supplied fields then click Continue. If everything checks out, you will have the ability to download the PDF of your certificate of existence and print it off at your convenience.


How to (Video)