Whether you’re a prospective business owner looking to start a new limited liability company, or a seasoned business professional attempting to strengthen the structure of an already successful organization, an operating agreement will prove to be an extremely useful tool for your business. With this document drafted and implemented correctly, you will be able to outline a number of provisions pertaining to the manner in which you would like your business and its members to operate. The Secretary or State does not demand that an agreement be drafted and therefore, once completed, you needn’t file a copy with their offices. Instead, each applicable member must read and sign this document to indicate compliance to its terms before filing a copy for their own personal reference. We recommend seeking legal advice before implementing this into your business structure to ensure that the document is completely bulletproof and will define the provision found therein with the utmost clarity. Click on the links at the top of this webpage, or below on the image itself to download the free template that we have provided in both Adobe PDF and MS Word formatting.