This page has been dedicated to the task of educating the average applicant on the process of name reservation in Rhode Island. The Secretary of State’s office will be the address to which you will submit your filing, and for your convenience, they have set up an online portal for filers to conduct such a reservation. Alternatively, a business may choose to reserve their name in the traditional way, by filling out a PDF, printing it off and sending it through the mail to the State offices. There will be a filing fee regardless of your method of deliver which will equate to $50 for profit entities (profit corporations, LLCs, LPs) and $25 for non-profit organizations. All name reservations will last for a period of no more than 120 days.

Before committing to the reservation, it’s often a good idea to perform a Business Entity Search with which you can determine whether your corporate name is indeed available for use in this State. If results present themselves with a list of one or more names which are indistinguishable from the one you plan on using, it may be necessary for you to to change the name all together.

How to Reserve (Online)

Step 1- The first thing you’re going to need to do if filing online is navigate to this webpage and clicking on the File New Business Entity link.


Step 2- You will be presented with a list of entities and possible online filings. Under each entity type, you will find the Reservation of Entity Name link. Click the link that is located under your entity type to proceed.


Step 3- The next page will contain all fields for you to submit the requisite information into the forms. Start with the name to be reserved followed by the name and address of the applicant. The filer’s contact information will required the contact and business name, the address and their phone and email address.


Step 4- If you scroll down, you will see the field in which you can submit the name of the individual filing the document (probably you) and the space where you can enter an address (if different than the one before). Click accept to agree to the terms of the reservation and finally click the link which indicates that it will allow for the information to be submitted.


Step 5- The following page will be a summary page where you can review the data you’ve entered and update it if necessary. Click Accept to proceed.


Step 6- On this page, you will be able to click Enter Credit Card Details to proceed.


Step 7- Under payment information, you will be informed of the filing fee. If you have a subscriber account, you will be able to select this option to pay. Otherwise, click Pay Via Credit Card.


Step 8- You will have to supply the customer information as follows:

  • Country
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Full address
  • Email
  • Phone number


Step 9- The next page will have you submitting your billing information before clicking Next to review the data you’ve provided and officially submit the payment thus completing the name reservation application process.


How to Reserve (PDF)

Step 1- To reserve by PDF, you will first need download this form and open it in your PDF reader.

Step 2- The document will ask that you supply the name to be reserved, the entity type as well as the name and address of the applicant. The individual submitting the document will also need to provide their signature, the date of execution and their address if different than the one above.


Step 3- Once the form has been completed, you will need to attach to it a check made out to the Rhode Island Secretary of State for the filing fee associated with your entity type. This will mean $50 for all profit businesses and $25 for non-profit. Send the form and the check to the below address to be processed by the Secretary of State.

Office of the Secretary of State: Corporations Division

148 W. River Street

Providence, Rhode Island 02904-2615

How to (Video)