For those who assist in the management or organization of a limited liability company in Rhode Island, it may be wise for you to consider drafting an operating agreement to incorporate into your business structure. This can be used to standardize the rules and regulations under which the members of your company will be required to operate. In filling out the fields in the below template and having each applicable individual sign it, you will be putting into effect a management tool which can be used as legal evidence regarding  the relationship of each official to the company. All terms and conditions not already relayed in the initial formation documents of an LLC can be incorporated into the operating agreement, thus, upon signing, ensuring the binding adherence of the signing partners to the principles of the document. This document is not required by Rhode Island law, though we recommend one be drafted for organizational and legal clarity. That being said, it is almost always recommended that an operating agreement or similar document be used when forming an LLC to ensure that the business is properly organized.