This webpage has been created to assist individuals attempting to reserve a name for their business in Pennsylvania. All filing is done through the Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations, a subsidiary of the Department of State, which will view the name reservation applications and decide as to whether or not they will be accepted and reserved. Once a name has been reserved, its availability will be guaranteed for 120 days prior to registration. In this time filers will be able to complete their applications for formation and will not need to worry about the rights to their desired entity name being taken. To begin, download and complete the PDF file that we have supplied in the tutorial below. The completed application must be mailed to the Department of State along with a $70 filing fee. 

How to Reserve

Step 1- Reserving a name is a simple process that begins by downloading the PDF application located here.

Step 2- This PDF file, once downloaded, must contain the following details:

  • Return instructions (address or email)
  • Select the Name Reservation option out of the first two choices
  • 1-Name to be reserved
  • 2-Name of the person or association reserving
  • 3-Address of the person or association reserving
  • Date
  • Name of applicant
  • Title (associations only)


Step 3- Once the document is complete, a required filing fee in the amount of $70 must be attached. This fee is payable by check or money order made out to Department of State. Forward the application and the filing fee by mail to the address located below.

Pennsylvania Department of State

Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations

P.O. Box 8722 – Harrisburg, PA 17105-8722

How to (Video)