The tutorials found within this webpage will provide you with all the information necessary to file a domestic limited liability company in the State of Pennsylvania. An online filing system is available and will allow you to complete your registration in a fraction of the time it would take you to file your application through the mail. To access this function you must first create an account with the State, click here to view our tutorial on this process. If for any reason you choose not to use the online filing system, you may send your application through the mail by downloading and completing the PDFs found linked within this page. Each method of application will require a filing fee of $125 that can be payed by credit card or check/money order, depending on the filing method.

We always recommend that business filers perform a Business Entity Search of the Department of State’s database to check the availability of their desired operating name before registration. Filing your documents under a business name that is already in use will result in your application being rejected. You may also find it beneficial to file a Name Reservation application as this will allow you to hold onto an entity name for 120 days prior to filing.

How to File an LLC or Professional Service LLC (Online)

Step 1- Filing online will require you to first create an account with the Department of State. Click here to access our account registration tutorial. With an account created, you can then log in to the filing system with your user name and password.


Step 2- Navigate to this webpage and enter the desired operating name for your business into the entry field provided and select a designator from the drop-down menu. Click Search to validate the availability of the name then click Save and Continue when ready.


Step 3- You must now supply either an address of a registered office or the name of a commercial registered office provider.


Step 4- An organizer may be added by providing the name and address of either an organization or an individual. Click on the Add Organizer tab to submit the details then click Save and Continue .


Step 5- Specify the effective date, if any, by using the calendar function at the top of the image shown below. Following that, there are three question that must be answered by selecting Applicable or Not Applicable from the options on the bottom right. The questions are as follows:

  • Whether or not the members interest in the company is to be evidenced by a certificate of membership
  • If the management of the company is vested in a manager/managers
  • If the LLC is a professional company, and if so, the services to be rendered


Step 6- On the following page you must supply your full name, address, and a description of the activities your business plans to perform. You may provide an employer identification number as well at this juncture.


Step 7- If additional documents are to be added with your filing, click the Choose File tab a select up to 5 items from your computer files. Once selected, click Upload Attachment, followed by Save and Continue.


Step 8- Clicking on the Update Signature tab is the equivalent to you providing your handwritten signature. Once supplied, click Review Filing to proceed.


Step 9- The contents submitted for your application thus far may be altered and corrected by using the Edit tabs on the right hand side. Click Proceed to Checkout once you have verified that all the information has been entered correctly.


Step 10- The filing fee you will be required to pay is shown on the following page ($125). Click Checkout to proceed.


Step 11- Lastly, your credit card details and billing information must be provided into the appropriate fields. Once the information has been inputted correctly, click Make Payment to supply the filing fee and finalize your registration.



How to File an LLC or Professional Service LLC (PDF)

Step 1- Begin by downloading the PDF application titled Certificate of Registration.

Step 2- With the application downloaded, the following information can be submitted:

Page 1

  • Return mailing address
  • 1-Name of the LLC
  • 2-Address of the registered office, or the name of the commercial registered office provider
  • 3-Name and address of each organizer


Page 2

  • 4-Whether or not the members interest in the company is to evidenced by a certificate of membership
  • 5-Whether or not the management of the company is vested in a manager/managers
  • 6-The effective date (if any)
  • 7-If the company is a professional service company, specify the services to be rendered
  • 8-Additional provisions may be added (attached separately)
  • Date signed
  • Signature of each organizer


Step 3- Once your application has been completed and signed by the organizers, a Docketing Statement must then be downloaded. The information required on this statement is as follows:

  • 1-Entity name and an alternate name
  • 2-Tax responsible party (name and address)
  • 3-Description of business activity


Step 4- Once the form has been completed and double checked for accuracy, a check or money order made out to the Department of State must be prepared to cover the $125 filing fee. Gather all articles and forward them to the address below.

Pennsylvania Department of State

Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations

P.O. Box 8722 – Harrisburg, PA 17105-8722


EIN – Almost all limited liability companies will be required to obtain an Employer Identification Number upon acceptance of their registration documents with the Department of State. The IRS uses an EIN to identify businesses for tax reporting purposes. Once obtained, your LLC will be eligible to hire employees, register for bank accounts, apply for loans, and perform a number of other business transactions. An EIN can be applied for either Online or through the mail with the PDF Form SS-4. Click on the link at the heading of this paragraph to find out more information about how your business can register for an EIN.

Operating Agreement – An operating agreement between the managing members of your LLC can greatly strengthen many aspects of your business’s internal affairs. This document is filed internally and not with the Department of State, which means that there is no legal obligation to draft one. However, there are many benefits that come with drafting an operating agreement. With this document you can outline the roles and duties of the management/members, the general meeting times, personal interest percentages, member shares, and any other provisions you may wish to include. To download the free template we have provided, click on the link at the heading of this paragraph (available in MS Word and Adobe PDF).

Renewal – Currently, there is no legislation stating that standard LLCs are required to renew with the Department of State, though this is not the case with professional LLCs. To file an annual report for a PSLLC, click on the link at the heading of this paragraph to download the annual renewal application. Along with this document, you will be required to pay a hefty filing fee which can be calculated based off of $520 for every company member in your LLC. Once completed, you can mail the fee and annual report to the below address for processing.

Pennsylvania Department of State

Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations

P.O. Box 8722 – Harrisburg, PA 17105-8722