Welcome to the Start a Business webpage designed to guide business owners through the process of registering a foreign corporation into the State of Pennsylvania. An online filing system is available which will provide you with the fastest means in which to register, however, the Department of State asks that you first to create an online account to access their web portal. Alternatively, you may send your registration documents through the mail by filing the PDF applications that we have supplied. Each method of application requires a filing fee $250 which can be payed by credit card or check/money order, depending on how you choose to file. Remember to include a certificate of good standing from your initial jurisdiction of formation along with your application. Scroll down to the tutorials below to gain more information on the exact requirements necessary to file.

It is recommended that you perform a Business Entity Search prior to filing your registration documents to check the availability of your desired operating name. With a name chosen, you may then file a Name Reservation application, guaranteeing the use of a name for 120 days prior to formation.

How to File a Profit or Non-Profit (Online)

Step 1- Begin by logging on to the online account you have previously created. If you haven’t obtained one as of yet, click here to access our tutorial on that procedure.


Step 2- Once  you have logged on, click here to begin the registration process. You will then see a statement that must be agreed to by clicking the small box on the lower left hand side.


Step 3- Select the type of entity you would like to create by choosing one of the options from the drop-down menu.


Step 4- Supply the desired name of your entity into the entry field provided. Click Search, and then Continue.


Step 5-  The next page will require you to supply your entity’s initial jurisdiction of formation, address of the proposed registered office or registered office provider, and the address of the principal office.


Step 6- Select the date you wish for your entity to be effective. If a future date is planned, specify that date.


Step 7- You must now supply your personal information (name and address) as well as a brief description of the activities your business will perform.  Optionally, you may add your entity’s employer identification number (if obtained).


Step 8- To add attachments, click the Choose File tab to select a document from your computer files (you may upload a maximum of 5). Click Upload Attachment and your file(s) will then be included upon completion of your registration.


Step 9- Input your name into the first entry field then your business title into the second. This will act as a virtual signature for your application. Click on the Review Filing tab to proceed.


Step 10- The following page displays a summary of all the information you have provided so far. Click on the blue Edit tabs on the right hand side to alter any of the details that might have been submitted incorrectly. When you are ready to move forward, click Proceed To Cart.



Step 11- A filing fee of $250 must be supplied in order for your application to be processed (payable by most major credit cards). Click Checkout to proceed.


Step 12- This final page will require you to provide your credit card details and billing information. Click Make Payment to commit to paying the filing fee and complete the registration process.



How to File a Profit or Non-Profit Corporation (PDF)

Step 1- Individuals who would like to file their applications through the mail must first download the Foreign Registration Statement.

Step 2- With the PDF application downloaded, continue by submitting the following information:

Page 1

  • Return mailing address
  • 1-Type of corporation
  • 2-Entity name
  • 2a-Alternate name (if applicable)
  • 3-Initial jurisdiction of formation
  • 4-Address of the principal office
  • 4a-Address of principal office, if any, in initial jurisdiction of formation


Page 2

  • 5a-Address of the proposed registered office (if applicable)
  • 5b-Name of the commercial office provider (if applicable)
  • 6-Specify whether or not your entity will have series
  • 7-Effective date of registration
  • Date signed
  • Signature
  • Title


Step 3- All foreign entities must download and complete a Docketing Statement with their registration application. Once downloaded, the following information must then be included:

  • 1-Entity name and an alternate name
  • 2-Tax responsible party (name and address)
  • 3-Description of business activity


Step 4- Once the previous applications have been completed, a filing fee must be made in the amount of $250 in the form of a check or money order (payable to the Department of State). Foreign entities must also include a certificate of good standing from their initial state/country of formation. Have all articles mailed to the address below.

Pennsylvania Department of State

Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations

P.O. Box 8722 – Harrisburg, PA 17105-8722


Renewal – Most corporations in Pennsylvania need to file a report annually with the Department of State to remain in good standing. This report is a way to let the government know of any changes that may have occurred to your business in the last year of operation. Fortunately, foreign corporations in the state have no obligation to renew and are exempt from this process. We do however recommend that you view the list of business forms available to see if any documentation has been added upon completion of this webpage. Click on the link at the heading of this paragraph to view the available forms.