Welcome to the Start a Business webpage dedicated to guiding prospective business owners through the process of registering an LLC in the State of Oregon. There is an online filing system available and accessible if you first create an account with the Secretary of State. Filing may also be accomplished through the mail by completing the Articles of Organization and forwarding it to the proper authorities. Each method of registration requires a filing fee in the amount of $100, payable by credit card or check made out to the Corporation Division (payment method dependent on delivery method). To gain more information about the exact filing requirements, scroll down to the tutorials below.

Choosing a name for your business is the first thing you should consider when starting an LLC. Without a unique operating name, your registration application is liable to be rejected. For this reason, it is recommended that you perform a Business Entity Search to see what names are available for use in the State. Furthermore, you can reserve a name for 120 days prior to registration by filing the Name Reservation application.

How to File an LLC or Professional Service LLC (Online)

Step 1- Begin by accessing the online filing system that the state has provided. Once there, click the Log In Here tab and submit your user name and password. If you have not created an account as of yet, click here to view our tutorial on obtaining one.



Step 2- On the following page, select the Start option from the list of available choices.  


Step 3- Click the Register Name option on the following page.


Step 4- You must now choose the type of business you would like to create by selecting one of the choices from the drop-down menu.


Step 5- In the business overview section, the following information must be submitted:

  • Business name
  • Activity description
  • Duration of business
  • Business email
  • Re-enter business email
  • Mailing address (country, zip, street address, city, state)
  • Contact information (name, phone number)


Step 6- Click the Registered Agent tab and supply either an individual, or an entity registered in Oregon to represent you as a registered agent. If you are supplying an individual, provide his/her name and their address. For entities already on record, provide a registry number and an address.



On Record


Step 7- Select the Add Organizers link and choose to add either an individual, registered entity in Oregon, or entity not registered in Oregon, as an organizer or your entity. You must then supply either an individual’s name, registry number, or business name depending on which method you chose. Each one will then require an address.


Step 8- Click the Statement of Management tab and specify as to whether your LLC is manager, or member managed.


Step 9- Select the Member/Manager link to add members and managers (optional). If you choose to do so, you must supply either an individual, registry number, or business name depending on what type of manager/member you are adding. All types must then supply an address.



Step 10 – If you are registering as a professional service LLC, specify the type of service you will be rendering by selecting an option from the drop-down menu.


Step 11- Optionally you may add additional provisions at this point. Click Continue to proceed.


Step 12- The following page displays a summary of all the information submitted so far, allowing you to edit any sections that has been inputted incorrectly. If everything is in order, click Continue.


Step 13- A statement will be required of you verifying that your application is accurate and that additional charges may apply.


Step 14- Provide a signature for your application by submitting your name and business title into the two entry fields. Check the small box beside Sign, and then click Submit.


Step 15- Here you will see a brief summary of the filing fee you will be required to pay ($100). Click Ok to move forward.


Step 16- To pay for your registration, provide your contact information and credit card details by inputting them into the entry fields. Click Next to finalize your payment and complete the registration process.



How to File an LLC or Professional Service LLC (Mail)

Step 1- Filers must first download the Articles of Organization document provided by the Secretary of State.

Step 2- Continue by submitting the following information:

  • Name of the LLC
  • Duration of business
  • Registered agent
  • Registered agent’s address
  • Address to receive statements
  • Name and address of each organizer
  • Choose whether the LLC is manager or member managed
  • Services being rendered (profession service only)
  • Optional provisions
  • Each member’s name and address
  • Each manager’s name and address
  • Signature, printed name, title
  • Contact name
  • Phone number


Step 3- Once this document has been completed, have it printed off and signed by the members/managers involved. A filing fee of $100 must then be attached in the form of a check made out to the Corporation Division. Have the application and the fling fee mailed to the address below.

Secretary of State

Corporation Division

 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151

 Salem, OR 97310-1327 


EIN – Once your registration has been completed, you will most likely be required to obtain an Employer Identification Number given by the IRS for tax purposes. This number will allow you to perform a number of important transactions such as hiring employees, registering for bank accounts and applying for business loans. Some may find the process of applying for an EIN confusing and for this reason we have supplied a tutorial to guide those seeking assistance through the filing process. Click the link at the heading of this paragraph to find out more. You may also apply directly Online, or through the mail with the PDF Form SS-4.

Operating Agreement – Newly formed entities in the state of Oregon should consider drafting an operating agreement to help fortify the organizational structure of their business. Though there is no legal obligation to have this document on file, we do highly recommend that all business owners take a moment to consider the benefit of drafting such an agreement. Without one, there will be no documentation that clearly defines the relationship between the members of the LLC and the entity itself. If you would like to use the free template we have provided in MS Word and Adobe PDF formatting, click the link at the heading of this paragraph.

Renewal – A renewal application must be filed annually in order for your business to remain in good standing. A notice will be sent to you approximately 45 days prior to when the renewal must be made, providing you with ample time to file the appropriate documents. To renew, click the link at the heading of this paragraph to access the Oregon online filing system, submit your business registry number and follow the subsequent pages to access to forms. If you are unaware of your registry number, performing a Business Entity Search will provide you with that information. You may also apply through the mail by making a request to the Secretary of State (503-986-2200). A filing fee will be required for each method of application in the amount of $100.