This webpage has been created to serve as a general guide to registering a new or pre-existing entity the Oregon Secretary of State. Business representatives will be happy to find that an online filing system is available for use as it will allow for the quickest delivery of the filing forms. You may also register through the mail by downloading the PDF applications, completing them on a computer and mailing them once printed to the state government offices with the attached filing fee. The fees required are $100 for all domestic LLCs, and $275 for foreign LLCs. Foreign entities must also supply a certificate of good standing from their initial state/country of formation. Make sure you take the time to go through everything carefully and ensure that you have compiled all the necessary documents and fees before sending your application to the Secretary of State.

How to File

Step 1- When creating a new LLC, or registering a pre-existing entity into the state, it is recommended that you perform a Business Entity Search of the Secretary of State’s database prior to filing your application. This inquiry will allow you to see what names are currently available for use. To guarantee the availability of a proposed operating name, you may file the Application for Name Reservation (along with a filing fee of $100) to hold onto the designation for 120 days prior to filing your business.

Step 2- With a name chosen for your business, you must now begin the registration process by either using the online filing system or by downloading the PDF application corresponding to your entity type. Select one of the options below to view the necessary information that must be submitted.

Step 3- The filing process for online applicants is completed upon payment of the filing fee ($100 for domestic, $275 for foreign). Those filing through the mail will need to pay this fee by check made out to the Corporation Division and attach the check to the filing forms. Gather the application, filing fee, and additional certificates (if applicable), and send them to the address below. Remember, foreign entities must also include a certificate of good standing

Secretary of State

Corporation Division

 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151

 Salem, OR 97310-1327


EIN – An Employer Identification Number given by the IRS is an identification method used primarily for tax reporting purposes. Obtaining an EIN should be done as soon as the registration for your entity has been processed. This way your business will be recognized as a legitimate tax paying organization, operating legally in the United States. Without an EIN, the transactions that your business will be able to perform are significantly reduced. This number is necessary for entities wishing to hire employees, register for bank accounts, and apply for loans. If you would like assistance on filing for an EIN, click the link at the heading of this paragraph. You may also apply directly Online, or through the mail with the PDF Form SS-4.

Operating Agreement – An operating agreement is a contract set in place between the managing members of an LLC. Stated within this agreement are a number of details that can greatly improve the organizational structure of your business. Since this is filed internally and not with the Secretary of State, it is not required by law. However, there are numerous benefits that can be brought to your organization if you choose to implement this into your business. If you feel like an operating agreement could benefit your organization, click on the link at the heading of this paragraph to review the free template that we have provided in MS Word and PDF formats. We recommend having an attorney review the contents before incorporating it into your business.

Renewal – An annual report is required of all LLCs in Oregon in order to remain in good standing with the Secretary of State. Begin by performing a Business Entity Search to obtain your entity’s business registry number that is used to file the report. Click on the link at the heading of this paragraph to access the online filing system. Here you will also be allowed to update your general business information, such as the primary office address, registered agent details, members/managers. Once the information has been submitted, a filing fee will be required ($100 for domestic LLCs, $275 for foreign LLCs). Filing a report through the mail can be done by requesting the proper documents from the Secretary of State (503-986-2200).

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