This particular webpage is catered to the individual interested in forming a new, domestic limited liability company in the State of Oklahoma. When submitting the filing forms to the Business Filing Department, it is necessary that you are aware of all information required of you.  The two guides featured on this webpage will outline the online and paper filing processes put in place by the Secretary of State for professional and standard LLCs. Both LLC types and filing processes involve the payment of a $100 filing fee which can be paid by a variety of methods if submitting the documents online, or simply by check when doing so through the mail. To learn more about what to expect in the upcoming filing process, read on.

We always like to remind filers that the name with which you are applying must be unique to your entity alone in the State of Oklahoma. For this reason, it is wise, especially if you are filing through the mail, to perform a Business Entity Search to research the availability of your proposed name. Furthermore, a Name Reservation can be used to secure your rights to that name for a period of 60 days (filing fees are set at $10 for name reservations).

How to File a LLC (Online)

Forming a professional company and forming a standard company involves essentially the same steps, and for this reason, we’ve combined them in this singular tutorial.

Step 1- It is not necessary that you have an online account when filing using the Secretary of State website. However, this will greatly assist you in the management of your business filings should plan on visiting the website on a regular basis. To learn more about the account registration process, navigate to this tutorial. Regardless, you will need to first navigate to this webpage and select your entity from the list of domestic organizations.

ok-lp-1Step 2- In the case that you don’t have an online account, and instead you are registering as a guest, you will need to provide your name and email before continuing.


Step 3- Select the Start New button indicating that you are beginning a new filing.


Step 4- This window will just indicate which statutes you are filing under. Click Next to proceed.


Step 5- The entity name will need to be provided at this juncture, with the proper suffix in place. Click the magnifying glass to be informed of your name’s availability. If no results are found, you will be able to use this name to file in Oklahoma. Click Next when ready.


Step 6- The effective date of your filing can be supplied next. For whatever reason, this step will come after the principle office address if you are forming a professional service entity, however both these steps will be the same regardless of the entity type you’re forming. Choose between the filing date or a future date and click Next when ready to proceed.


Step 7- Enter the street address and the email address of the principle place of business of your LLC here.


Step 8- The company’s duration can be indicated next. You will be able to choose between perpetual or a set amount of years/expiration date. When all information has been entered, you will be able to click Next to proceed.


Step 9- The registered agent information can be provided here including the type, the name and the full address of the individual or business.


Step 10- It is not required of the standard LLC that they submit any additional documentation with the articles. Professional LLCs on the other hand will need to provide certification from the regulatory board associated with their profession. Once this has been uploaded in PDF format, you will be able to advance to the next phase.


Step 11- The signature of an authorized representative will be needed here. Click the Add Signature link, supply the name into the blank field and then click Insert Signature. Once this has been completed, you will be able to advance to the renewal section.



Step 12- Read over all the data which you’ve submitted in the previous articles to ensure that it is complete and accurate. Once you’re sure that this is the case, you can click Continue.


Step 13- Your entity type and filing fee price will be shown at this step. If all seems fine, click Begin Checkout to advance.


Step 14- Before you can pay, you need to either sign into your account, register for an account (tutorial found here) or Continue as Guest.


Step 15- If you decided to continue as a guest, you will need to enter your business’s name, your name, your address and your contact information before proceeding.


Step 16- This will finally take you to your shopping cart. You will be able to review your filing and choose your method of payment (ACH account, credit card or pre-paid account) and enter your billing info. Once set, click Add Payment and Continue to review your billing info and officially submit your filing to the Secretary of State.


How to File a LLC (PDF)

Step 1- For those who have opted to file by mail, you will need to first download either the standard Articles of Organization or the Professional Articles of Organization depending on the nature of your company.

Step 2-The information required in each form is nearly identical. Let’s start with the standard LLC filing form however. The required information is as follows:

  • 1- Name of LLC
  • 2- Address of principle place of business
  • 3- Email address of primary contact
  • 4- Name and street address of registered agent
  • 5- Term of existence
  • Signature and printed name of authorized representative
  • Date of completion


Professional LLCs will need to enter the following data:

  • 1- Name of LLC
  • 2- Address of principle place of business
  • 3- Email address of primary contact
  • 4- Name and street address of registered agent
  • 5- Term of existence
  • Profession to be practiced through LLC
  • Signature and printed name of authorized representative
  • Date of completion


Step 3- Once your filing form has been completed, printed and signed by the necessary representative, you will need to attach to it a check made out to the Oklahoma Secretary of State for the $100 filing fee. Also, professional LLCs must provide certification from the licensing board associated with their practice profession at this point. When all files have been consolidated, mail the package to the below address.

Business Filing Department
421 N.W. 13th, Suite 210
Oklahoma City OK 73103


EIN – An Employer Identification Number is a number specific to your entity which is issued by the Internal Revenue Service to identify you as a legitimate, tax-paying entity. It is necessary that all businesses that plan on hiring employees and withholding taxes apply for one immediately after creation. Once your documents have been approved by the Secretary of State, you will be able to apply either Online or through the mail by completing the PDF Form SS-4. For those experiencing trouble with either of those procedures, you may review our tutorial on the matter linked in the heading of this paragraph.

Operating Agreement–  Another step that many business organizers take following, or during, the formation of their business, is the incorporation of an operating agreement into the business structure of their entity. The drafting of this document is not a legally required step in getting your business properly registered with the Secretary of State. However, it will serve as a useful organizational document as it will relay all internal logistical and financial affairs that have not already been provided in the Articles of Organization. If you are confused as to what that might involve, take the time to review our free template for such a document found linked in the title of this section. You will find that the template is available for download in both Adobe PDF and MS Word formatting.

Renewal–  In accordance with state law, every LLC must file an annual certificate with the Secretary of State in order to remain in good standing with their offices. This renewal can be done either online (website linked in heading of paragraph) or by PDF (address found below). Regardless of the manner in which you plan on submitting your filing, it must be done annually on the anniversary month of the business’s official filing with the Business Filing Department. An attached filing fee of $25 should also be submitted and paid either by credit card, ACH account, pre-paid account or check (depending on the filing method).

Business Filing Department
421 N.W. 13th, Suite 210
Oklahoma City OK 73103