Welcome to the Start a Business guide to Oklahoma corporation registration. Our tutorials have been designed to make the filing process as straight forward as possible, enabling corporations to get their business up and running with the Secretary of State in no time. If you’ve already navigated to the government website, you will notice that there is an online filing option present. We highly recommend that you take this route when registering your company as it will allow you to submit the formation/registration documents to the authorities instantly as opposed to experiencing the delayed delivery involved in the standard, paper filing process. That being said, we have also included all requisite PDFs for those wishing to send their certificates in the mail. Regardless of the method of delivery, a specific filing fee has been applied to each entity type. A complete list of all corporation varieties and their respective fees has been supplied below.

  • Domestic For-Profit Corporation- $50 
  • Domestic Non-Profit Corporation- $25
  • Domestic Professional Corporation- $50 
  • Domestic Non-Profit Church Corporation- $25
  • Foreign Profit Corporation- $300 + 1$/$1000 of authorized capital (see details here)
  • Foreign Non-Profit Corporation- $300
  • Foreign Professional Corporation- $300 + 1$/$1000 of authorized capital (see details here)

How to File

Step 1- When registering a business in any state, it is always wise to ensure that the name you plan on operating under is indeed available and not already reserved or filed with the Secretary of State. You can perform a preliminary search of the Secretary of State database quite easily through a Business Entity Search. We often recommend that filers commit to a Name Reservation as well, especially if they need some extra time in which to prepare for filing. Name reservations will last for a total of 60 days and cost only $10 .

Step 2- Once you’re confident that your name has been secured, you will be able to fill out either the PDF of the filing document or the questionnaire found in the online portal. If the latter is the case, you may also want to register for an account with the government website. Click on the link below that correlates with your entity type to learn more.

Step 3- If you are filing online, most of the steps have been taken care of. You will have already attached your certificate of good standing (if necessary) and/or your certification from the appropriate professional regulatory board if your entity provides a professional service. If you are filing through the mail, the two aforementioned certificates should be attached to your printed form if they apply to your entity type.

Step 4- Finally, you will be able to pay the filing fee. Payment can be made by pre-paid account online if you already hold an account with the Secretary of State site. Otherwise, online filers will have the choice between a credit card payment and that of an ACH account. Paper filers will need to add a check made out to the Secretary of State for the total of their filing fee (see list at the top of page) and send the whole filing package to the below address to be processed by the Business Filing Department.

Business Filing Department
421 N.W. 13th, Suite 210
Oklahoma City OK 73103


EIN – As a new, domestic corporation, you are required to apply for an Employer Identification Number after you’ve finished filing with the Secretary of State. This number will allow you to open bank accounts in the company name, hire employees and seek financing from financial institutions. You will be able to obtain this identifier quite easily by navigating to the Internal Revenue Service website and applying Online. Another option is to file through the mail with the PDF Form SS-4. If you are experiencing any difficulty in either of these processes, click on the heading of this paragraph and allow our tutorial to walk you through step by step.

Corporate Bylaw– Although this is not legally required in the State of Oklahoma, it is always highly recommended that the initial incorporators  draft a set of corporate bylaws under which the officials of the corporation will be required to operate. It is essentially a guideline that establishes, in black and white, the manner in which the logistical and financial affairs of your corporation are to be managed. To learn more about exactly what would go into one of these documents, you can review our free template found linked in the heading of this paragraph. If you do choose to incorporate this into your business structure, it would be wise to have your attorney review the completed document before having all appropriate personal sign it.

Renewal– In the State of Oklahoma, as opposed to the majority of other states, it is not necessary that corporations file an annual report with the Secretary of State. This does not mean that they are completely exempt from updating any sort of authority in Oklahoma; each corporation will need to supply the Oklahoma Tax Commission with a franchise tax return by July 1st of each year. If you represent a profit entity, you will need to supply the commission with a $50 filing fee. Non-profits should be prepared to pay half that. More information pertaining to this tax return can be found linked at the beginning of the paragraph. You may also choose to download the PDF form found here.

How to (Video)