This webpage has been designed for those interested in obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing in the state of Oklahoma. You will find that the operation is fairly straightforward and will only take a few minutes of your time to complete. While you will be requesting this document online, it is not necessary that you have an online account in order to purchase it. That being said, it benefits all filers to create one as it will allow you to take full advantage of the Secretary of State registration portal. A tutorial for the account creation process can be found here for those who are interested. If you are not sure as to why this particular document might be beneficial, or why it would cost $20 to order, you are most likely not alone. A certificate of good standing is often referred to as a certificate of status, or a certificate of existence, and it is employed specifically for the purposes of proving legitimacy to foreign officials and financial institutions. To obtain a certificate today, follow the steps relayed below.

How to Request

Step 1- You’re going to first need to navigate to this section of the Secretary of State, Business Filing Department, website. Submit your filing number (if you are unsure as to how to obtain this, review our Business Entity Search tutorial .

ok-certificateStep 2- If you haven’t signed into your account, or you don’t plan on creating one, you will need to provide your name as well as your email address to continue.


Step 3- Select the Certificate of Good Standing option then click Select Order to advance to the next step.


Step 4- Make sure that the order is correct and the filing fee seems accurate before clicking Begin Checkout.


Step 5- If you have a SOS account already, you will be able to provide your login credentials and skip the next step of this tutorial. Otherwise, click Continue as Guest to proceed.


Step 6- As previously mentioned, this is not a necessary step for registered filers. Should you be ordering this filing as a guest, provide the business name, your name, address and contact information then click Submit.


Step 7- This next page will give you the option to pay by credit card or ACH account. For registered filers, you will also be able to pay by a pre-paid online account. Enter your billing info then proceed to the next step to review the order info and officially purchase the document for download.


How to (Video)