If you have navigated to our webpage on foreign limited liability company registration in the state of Ohio, it is most likely because you are unsure of how exactly one can go about filing. To start, you will be required to download your filing form in PDF (available on this webpage), submit all the required info and send it to the Secretary of State with an attach check or money order covering the filing fee ($99). Once registered with their offices, you will then be able to effectively and lawfully conduct your business in Ohio. Fortunately, the option for non-profit LLCs has been made available as well as the standard LLC format. Filers will be able to use the same PDF for either LLC format.

Before you register with the state, you may want to check that the name you filed with in your jurisdiction of initial organization is indeed available in Ohio. You can do this by performing a Business Entity Search. If you wish, a Name Reservation can be made for the price of $39 lasting a total of 180 days prior to registration.

How to File

Step 1- In order to file with the Secretary of State, you will need to first download the Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company filing form.

Step 2- The first page is simply a cover letter dictating the name, address and contact info of the person to receive correspondence from the Secretary of State. You may also select to receive notices from their offices or sign up for the filing notification system if you like. Furthermore, you will be able to expedite the filing process by checking one of the provided boxes and supplying an additional filing fee (prices displayed below).

oh-pdf-coverStep 3- The required information in this application is as follows:

Page 1

  • Selection of for-profit or non-profit entity as well as the jurisdiction of formation and date of formation
  • Name of the LLC
  • Name of the FLLC to use in Ohio
  • The address to which requests for copies of internal documents can be sent


Page 2

  • Name and address of agent
  • Signature and name of authorized representative


Step 4- Once the filing has been finished, you will be able to attach to it the filing fee of $99 in the form of a check or money order made out the Secretary of State. If you’d like to expedite your process, you will need to supply an additional $100$200$300 depending on how quickly you need the filing to be processed. You may send the filing package to the below address if you’d like it to be processed in the standard amount of time. The second address below is the one to use if you would like your filing expedited.

This address is to be used for standard processing:

Ohio Secretary of State

PO Box 670

Columbus, OH 43216

This address is to be used for expedited processing:

Ohio Secretary of State

PO Box 1390

Columbus, OH 43216