This webpage has been designed to provide insight into the process of reserving a business name in Nevada. The state has designed an online portal in which reservations can be made in a matter of minutes. Filing by mail is also possible by completing a PDF application, printing it off and forwarding it to the Secretary of State with the $25 filing fee attached. This PDF has been linked below and its contents have been described in our comprehensive guide. Once accepted, the rights to a business name will be secured for a period of 90 days.

We recommend that a Business Entity Search be performed prior to reservation to ensure that the proposed operating name is available for use in Nevada.

How to Reserve (Online)

Step 1- To start, you will need to log in with your online account. If an account hasn’t been created as of yet, a tutorial on the application procedure has been provided.


Step 2- After your account has been accessed, navigate to this webpage to begin the reservation process. Enter the business name you’d like to reserve into the entry field and click Next.


Step 3- Verify that the name provided in the previous step was entered correctly by clicking This is Correct.


Step 4- The following page will provide you with a description of the $25 filing fee. Click Next to proceed.


Step 5- You may now edit the name you’ve supplied or continue by clicking Proceed to Checkout.


Step 6- On this page, simply click the Credit Card link located under Choose A Payment Option


Step 7- Lastly, your credit card details must be supplied. Enter your name, card number, security code, billing address and the expiration date before clicking Review Order.


How to Reserve (PDF)

Step 1- To make a request, you will first need to download the Name Reservation Request application.

Step 2- The following information will need to be provided:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Name to be reserved
  • Name and address of the applicant
  • The preferred method of delivery

Business Name Reservation Request Nevada

Step 3- With the application completed, you will need to download the Customer Order Instructions that will be used to indicate your method of payment for filing fee. The following information must be provided to the downloaded application:

  • Type of processing requested
  • Name of the entity
  • Date
  • Return address
  • Contact name
  • Phone number
  • Return delivery instructions
  • Total filing fee
  • Method of payment


Step 4- Filing fees paid by check or money order will need to be made out to the Secretary of State. If you will be paying by credit card, be sure to include the E-Payment Checklist with your filings. Forward all applications and the $25 filing fee to the address below.

Secretary of State

202 North Carson Street

Carson City, Nevada 89701

How to (Video)