This tutorial has been created to assist New Mexico business filers through the name reservation process. To file, you will be required to fill out the requisite PDF of your entity type, supply the filing fee linked to said entity and submit the forms through the mail to the appropriate authorities. For corporate reservations, profit entities will be required to supply $25 while non-profits need only submit $10. LLCs, across the board, will be asked to pay a $20 fee while partnerships of all varieties will need to supply $50. All submissions should be paid by check or money order made out to the New Mexico Secretary of State. Once accepted, a name will be reserved for 120 days.

We suggest that all filers take a second to perform a Business Entity Search in order to ensure that their business name has not already been taken by another entity in this state. If this is the case, your name reservation filing will be rejected upon submission.

How to Reserve for Corporations/LLCs

Step 1- The first step to reserving is downloading the PDF available for your business type. You will either be downloading the Application for Reservation of Corporate Name or the Application for Registration of  Limited Liability Company Name

Step 2- If you are reserving as a LLC, all the information that is required of you is the LLC name to be reserved, the date, the signature of the applicant and the name and mailing address of the applicant. Those filing as a corporation will need to first supply the state statutes linked to their corporation type and then provide the name to be reserved, date, signature of applicant and again, the mailing address of the applicant.


Step 3- Once all information has been gathered, you will be able to attach to it, the check or money order made out to the New Mexico Secretary of State covering the filing fee ($20 for LLC, $10 non-profit corporation, $25 profit corporation). Mail all items to the below address for processing by the Secretary of State to finish your name reservation filing process.

Secretary of State

Corporation Department 325 Don Gaspar

Suite 300 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

How to Reserve for Partnerships

Step 1- Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a ready made filing form for business representatives looking to reserve their partnership name. However, based on the information given in the state statutes, the filer must simply submit a a document featuring the name to be reserved which complies to Section 108 [54-2A-108 NMSA 1978] of the Uniform Revised Limited Partnership Act, as well as the applicant’s name, address and signature.


Step 2- Mail the application to the Secretary of State’s office (address found below) with the filing fee of $50. Accepted forms of payment include check or money order made out to the New Mexico Secretary of State. If the name is indeed available, your filing will last for a period of 120 days after acceptance.

 Partnership Unit

Office of the New Mexico Secretary of State

325 Don Gaspar – Suite 300

Santa Fe, New Mexico  87501

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