Welcome to the Start a Business page designed to assist organizers of foreign LLCs as they navigate through the New Mexico registration process. Filers will find that there currently exists no online filing method on the Secretary of State website, and for this reason, you will be required to submit your registration documents through the mail. This can be accomplished by downloading the appropriate PDF, supplying the requisite information, attaching the filing and sending it through the mail to the state offices. The filing fees associated with this application will amount to $100.

One thing to note before to starting the application process for a foreign LLC, is to make sure to cross check the Secretary of State name database to ensure the name you have chosen hasn’t already been taken. To learn more about this process, follow the link here. You may also want to look into a Name Reservation filing, which allows you to reserve a business name for up to 120 days.

How to Apply

Step 1- The first step in registering your foreign limited liability company is to download the PDF of the Application for Registration.

Step 2- This form will require you to supply the following information:

  • 1-Name of the LLC
  • 2-Fictitious name (if applicable)
  • 3-Jurisdiction under which it was organized
  • 4-Date of organization
  • 5-Address of the office required to be maintained in initial jurisdiction (if applicable)
  • 6-Address of principal office if Step 5 does not apply
  • 7-Registered agent’s name and address

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Page  2

  • 8- Names of the managers
  • Date
  • Name of the LLC
  • Signature of authorized person


Step 3- Along with your filing you will need to attach your Statement of Acceptance of Appointment by Designated Initial Registered Agent. On this statement, the registered agent will have to provide their name, the LLC that they’re representing as well as their signature. If the agent is a corporation, enter the name of the entity and the signature of the representative instead. This document can be found in the Application for Registration.

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Step 4- The following form must be completed along with your corporate filings. The information that will be required is as follows:

  • Entity name
  • Contact name
  • Email address
  • Contact phone
  • Date to be dropped off/mailed
  • Nature of the delivery of filed documents (pickup or mailed)
  • Mailing address (if applicable)


Step 5- Print off the application in duplicate, attach to it a Certificate of Good Standing as well as the filing fee ($100) in the form of a check or money order made of to the New Mexico Secretary of State. Send all items to the below address for processing.

Corporations Bureau

Office of the New Mexico Secretary of State

325 Don Gaspar – Suite 300

Santa Fe, New Mexico  87501