This webpage has been designed to be a general overview of the filing processes required of foreign and domestic LLCs representatives. In New Mexico, there exists an online filing system available to domestic LLCs only. Foreign filers will need to supply their filings through the mail with the attached filing fee in the form of a check or money order. This will amount to $50 for domestic entities and $100 for foreign. Within our website, you will have the ability to download all required PDFs and filing forms to properly register with the appropriate authorities.

How to File

Step 1- We here and Start a Business always recommend that filers take a moment to check the availability of their proposed business name. This can be accomplished through the application of a Business Entity Search prior to filing. Furthermore, entities may wish to employ the Name Reservation filing in which they will keep the rights to their name for a period of 120 days before registration.

Step 2- The next step will require you to download the requisite filing forms and supply the data they demand. Domestic applicants may alternatively access the online filing portal to provide their business details. More information on each particular filing can be found linked below.

Step 3- At this point paper filers will need to gather all required certificates for filing. This will involve filling out the delivery instructions, the Statement of Acceptance of Appointment signed by the registered agent and, if you represent a foreign business, a Certificate of Good Standing from your original jurisdiction.

Step 4- Now that all forms have been filled out and all additional certificates have been supplied, you will need to attach to the filing a check or money order made out to the New Mexico Secretary of State for the total of the filing fee ($50 domestic, $100 foreign). Online applicants may pay with their credit card, eCheck or a pre-paid account and, once accepted, will conclude the online registration process. Paper filers should send all items to the below address for processing, thus completing the registration procedure.

Corporations Bureau

Office of the New Mexico Secretary of State

325 Don Gaspar – Suite 300

Santa Fe, New Mexico  87501


EIN– After filing for a domestic LLC, an Employer Identification Number given by the IRS may be required if you plan on paying withheld taxes on your employees. This will enable the entity to be recognized as a legitimate tax paying company. Doing so will allow you to apply for loans, hire employees, and is generally essential to the operation of a business in the U.S. The filing process of an Employer Identification Number for some, may be difficult. For this reason we’ve included a full tutorial linked in the beginning of this paragraph. Filers will note that an EIN can be achieved both Online, and through the mail with the Form SS-4.

Operating Agreement– An operating agreement is something that we recommend highly. What this does is ensure that all business conducted is regulated with a set of standardized rules, put in place between members involved in the LLC. Drafting this document right away can prevent future disputes and allows business to run smoothly and maintain organization between parties. A free template is available to you in both MS Word and PDF formats in the link located above.

How to (Video)