The tutorials on this webpage will provide you will all you need to know to get your foreign entity up and running in New Jersey. The online system the Division of Revenue has supplied makes registration as simple as possible with it’s user friendly filing system. Alternatively, applicants may apply through the mail by submitting the Business Registration Application to the state offices. Your application must be accompanied by a filing fee of $125. This fee can be payed by check or money order made out to the Treasurer, State of New Jersey (online applicants may pay by credit or e-check). To learn about the exact specifications of what will be required in order to register, scroll down and review our tutorials.

Before starting the registration process we recommend that all applicants take a moment to perform a preliminary check to see if the business name planned for use is available in the state. A name may also be reserved for up to 120 days prior to registration by filing the Application for Name Reservation form.

How to File (Online)

Step 1- The first step in the registration process is to access the online filing system that the Division of Revenue has supplied. A page will be displayed with the options to select the type of business you would like to form as well as the ability to enter the desired name for your company. When you are ready to move forward, click Continue.


Step 2- A business designator must now be chosen. Select one of the options from the menu and click Continue to proceed.


Step 3- The following page will require you to enter your business information. To start, you have the option of entering your EIN and NAICS code. Below that you will see an entry field to specify the effective date, state of incorporation and the intended date of formation in New Jersey. After all the information has been submitted, click Continue.


Step 4- A business purpose must be stated in the entry field provided. You may also provide a document of a pre-existing statement by clicking the Upload button and submitting a file from your computer. Press Continue to move forward.


Step 5- On the next page you will have to specify your main business address. Once entered, click Continue.


Step 6- A registered agent must be specified on the following page. Click the link titled Enter a Registered Agent/Office to submit the agent’s details.


Step 7- Enter registered agent details into the entry fields provided and click Continue.


Step 8- A virtual signature can be supplied by clicking the Add New Signer button. Enter your name and business title and click Save. You may include more individuals by repeating this process. To finalize your signature(s), check the small boxes beside each name submitted. When you are ready to move forward, click Continue.




Step 9- To review all the details of your application so far, click the arrows on the right hand side corresponding to the subject that you would like to review. If all the information is correct, click Continue to proceed.


Step 10- If you would like to add a certificate of good standing or a certified copy with your application, check either box in the Select Documents window. Just below that you will see three entry fields where you must enter your contact information. At the bottom of the page there is a brief summary of the fee you will be required to pay in order complete your registration. Click Continue to move onto payment.


Step 11- Payment can be made my selecting one of the options from the drop-down menu and clicking Next. Your customer information must be then be submitted on the following page. Once entered, click Next.



Step 12- Lastly, you will need to provide your credit card or e-check information to complete your payment. Finalize your registration by clicking  Next.


How to File (Mail)

To file through the mail, navigate to the link located here and follow the instructions provided.


Renewal– The state of New Jersey requires all entities to renew their registration annually with the Division of Revenue to remain in good standing. This process can be accomplished by navigating to this website and following the instructions provided. A fee must be included in the amount of $50, submitted no later than the last day of the month in which your entity was registered. During this renewal, you may change your registered agent information if you choose to do so ($25 fee must be included). For those who are unable to renew online, an e-file exemption request can be mailed to the address located below.

PO Box 308

Trenton, NJ 08646