This webpage has been created to guide prospective business owners in the state of New Jersey through the entire registration process for an LLC. An online application method is available and quite easy to maneuver even for the most inexperienced users. Alternatively, you may apply through the mail by sending the Business Registration Application to the Division of Revenue. Regardless of which option you choose to apply with, a filing fee must be included with your registration. For domestic LLCs the filing fee is $125. This fee can be payed be credit or e-check if filing online, check or money order made out to the Treasurer, State of New Jersey if filing through the mail.

Before starting, we recommend that all new applicants perform a Business Entity Search to determine the availability of their desired business operating name. You may also find filing the Application for Name Reservation useful if you would like to reserve a name for your entity prior to filing.

How to File (Online)

Step 1- Start by navigating to this website and select your desired business type from the drop-down menu. Enter the name your company wishes to operate under into the entry field provided and click Continue.


Step 2- Choose a business designator by selecting one of the available options. Click Continue once a designator has been selected.


Step 3- Optionally, you may enter your Employer Identification Number or NAICS code into the first two entry fields. Proceed by submitting your intended duration of business and the effective date of incorporation.


Step 4- A business purpose must be stated in the first entry field. If you have a document of a pre-existing statement, you may upload the file by clicking the Upload button and selecting the document from your computer files.


Step 5- On the following page you will be required to submit your business’s main address. Once entered correctly, click Continue.


Step 6- To enter your registered agent’s information, click on the link titled Enter a Registered Agent/Office. If you have already obtained a registered agent number, you may enter it into the entry field provided (skip the next step if you choose this option).


Step 7- The registered agent details must be submitted correctly into the entry fields. Once inputted, click Continue to proceed.


Step 8- You will now be required to specify the member(s) of your LLC. Start by clicking the Add New Member button and submit a member’s name and address. Click Save once the information has been entered. If you would like to add more members, repeat the process just described.



Step 9- This page will allow you to specify a date of dissolution (if applicable). You may add additional provisions to your LLC by clicking the Add New Provisions button.


Step 10- A virtual signature must be submitted in order to continue. To do this, click the Add New Signer button and enter the name and title of the individual who chooses to sign for this application. You may add additional signatures by repeating this procedure. To finalize the signature process, check the small boxes beside the names of each individual.




Step 11- All the details that we have gone over so far can be reviewed on the following page. To look into each portion of the application in more detail, click the arrows on the right corresponding to the section you would like to review.


Step 12- To add additional documents to your application, you can choose one or both of the options presented in the Select Documents area at the top. Below that your personal contact information must be entered. At the bottom of the page you can see a summary of the fee you will be required to pay in order to complete your application. When you are ready to proceed, click Continue.


Step 13- Payment can be made by credit card or e-check.  Select an option from the drop-down menu and click Next. Proceed to submit your customer information into the the entry fields.



Step 14- Lastly, your credit card or e-check information must be given in order to complete payment. Once you are ready to finalize your application click Next.


How to File (Mail)

The process for filing through the mail can be accomplished by following the detailed instructions found in this tutorial.


EIN– Once your registration documents have been accepted by the Department of State, your LLC may be required to obtain an Employer Identification Number from the IRS. An EIN is essentially the equivalent of a SSN and may be necessary to operate within the country, depending on the type of LLC. Obtaining this will allow you to hire employees, open bank accounts in the name of the company, apply for loans, and perform a number of other financial transactions. To find out more on how to receive an EIN, click on the link at the title of this paragraph. You may also choose to apply Online or through the mail with the PDF Form SS-4.

Operating Agreement– It is recommended that all limited liability companies draft an operating agreement to define each members role and responsibility at the time of initial formation. While this document is not legally required in New Jersey, it may prove useful to those who would like to keep their business affairs organized and running smoothly. Take a moment to look at the free template we have provided, with the advice of legal council, to see if implementing this agreement can benefit your company. You will find it located linked to the heading of this paragraph, available in both MS Word and PDF formats.

Renewal– Renewing with the Division of Revenue is essential for your business to remain in good standing. An annual report must be filed no later than the last day of the month in which your entity was formed. Along with your report, a filing fee must be included in the amount of $50. To submit this report, click on the link here to access the filing system that the state has provided. You may also change the registered agent information during the report process with the addition of a $25 fee. For those who can not apply online, an e-file exemption request can be made and mailed to the address below.

PO Box 308

Trenton, NJ 08646