This webpage has been created to serve as a general guide to the application process required of individuals looking register their domestic or foreign LLC in New Jersey. In-depth details for each filing process can be accessed by clicking on the links that we have provided throughout this page. You will find that there is both an online filing system and the standard application method which requires filers to submit their documents by mail. All LLCs, regardless of type, must pay $125 in the form of a check or money order made out to the Treasurer, State of New Jersey (online filers may pay with a credit card or e-check).

How to File

Step 1- It is recommended that all filers take a moment to perform a Business Entity Search to check the availability of their desired operating name. This step can also be accomplished during the registration process for those filing online. Additionally, you may reserve a name for up to 120 days prior to filing by submitting an Application for Name Reservation with the state.

Step 2- To start the registration process, begin by clicking one of the links below corresponding to the entity type you are filing for. If applying online, you will be forwarded to the Division of Revenue’s website where you will start the submission of your business information. Those filing through the mail will be required to download the Business Registration Application.

Step 3- During this process, foreign LLCs will need to supply the state with a certificate of good standing which may be sent through the mail with your registration application. Online applicants will have to provide a digital copy in the form of a photo or a PDF.

Step 4- With the application filled out and completed, a filing fee must be included to finalize the registration process. Both domestic and foreign LLCs will need to provide $125. Online applications are completed when payment has been accepted (payable by credit card or e-check). Those applying through the mail will have to forward their application, filing fee, and certificate of good standing (if applicable) to the address below (payable by check or money order made out to the Treasurer, State of New Jersey).

Client Registration

PO BOX 252

Trenton, NJ 08646


EIN– Once your filing has been accepted for a domestic LLC, an Employer Identification Number given by the IRS may be required for your business type. This identifier will allow you to perform various business transactions legally and act as a legitimate tax-paying company. An EIN is necessary to apply for bank accounts or loans, hire employees, and is generally required to operate as a business in the U.S. Some may find it difficult to obtain an EIN, and for that reason we have provided a tutorial linked in the heading of this paragraph. Note that this can be achieved both Online and through the mail with the Form SS-4.

Operating Agreement– When filing the Business Registration Application (mentioned above), some individuals may find it beneficial to draft an operating agreement to set the framework for the financial and logistical structure of their LLC. This agreement acts as documentation that could prove useful in the event of future disputes between members of your entity. If you would like to review our agreement template, click on the link at the heading of this paragraph to find out more about how this may benefit you and your company. You will find that it is available in both MS Word and Adobe PDF.

Renewal– Much like other states, New Jersey requires all domestic and foreign LLCs to renew their applications in order to remain in good standing. This process must take place once a year, no later than the last day of the month in which your entity was registered in New Jersey. To renew, simply go to this website and follow the instructions provided. A filing fee must be payed by credit card in the amount of $50. At this point you may also change the registered agent information with an additional fee of $25. For those who are unable to renew online, an e-file exemption request must be sent through the mail to the address below.

PO Box 308

Trenton, NJ 08646

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