Those looking to expand their foreign entity into the state of New Jersey will be shown everything they need within these tutorials. Filing can essentially be completed in a just few minutes by using the online system that the Division of Revenue has supplied. You may also apply though the mail by completing a PDF application and forwarding it to the proper authorities, along with a filing fee. Both profit and non-profit corporations will be required to submit a fee of $125. For those applying online, fees can be payed by credit card or e-check. If applying through the mail, a check or money order made out to the Treasurer, State of New Jersey must be attached.

Before attempting to file, we recommend that foreign entities take a moment to see if their desired operating name is indeed available for use in New Jersey. This process can be accomplished by doing a quick Business Entity Search. You may also want to reserve a name by filing the Application for Name Reservation document which will allow you to hold on onto a desired entity name for 120 days prior to filing.

How to File a Profit or Non-profit Corporation (Online)

Step 1- The filing process for a profit or non-profit corporation begins by navigating to this website. Select your entity type with the drop-down menu and input your desired business name into the entry field provided. Click Continue to proceed. A notice will then be displayed stating that your corporation must have a certificate of good standing in order to complete the filing process. To continue click Okay.


Step 2- *Non-profit corporations may skip this step. On this page you will have to state whether or not your business will be practicing law. Select one of the options from the drop-down menu and click Continue to proceed.


Step 3- A business designator must be selected by choosing one of the options available in the drop-down menu. Once chosen, click Continue.


Step 4- This page will ask you to enter your business information. To start, you have the option of submitting your Employer Identification Number and NAICS code. Just below that you must specify the effective date of business, state of incorporation and date of incorporation.


Step 5- On the following page you will be required to state a business purpose for your corporation. You may enter this information in the entry field available or supply a pre-existing document by clicking Upload. Once completed, click Continue to proceed.


Step 6- The following page will require you to enter the address of your corporation. Once submitted correctly, click Continue to proceed.


Step 7- All foreign entities must now submit their certificate of good standing. Click the Choose File button and search for the file that you would like to use. After selecting, click Upload followed by Continue. A statement will then be displayed asking you to attest to the fact that your certificate of good standing has indeed been issued within 30 days of filing. Click Agree to move forward.



Step 8- Your registered agent information must now be supplied. You may either click the Enter a Registered Agent/Office link or enter a registered agent number in the entry filed available.


Step 9- If you chose the first option in previous step, you will be taken to a page like the one shown below. Here you must submit your registered agent’s information. Once inputted correctly, click Continue to proceed.


Step 10- A virtual signature will now be required. You may submit this by first clicking the Add New Signer button. Input your name in the entry field available and select your business title with the drop-down menu. Click Save to continue. Lastly, check the small box underneath the Signature heading to complete the virtual signature process. To proceed click Continue.

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Step 11- On the next page you will be able to review all the details of your application so far. Click one of the arrows on the right corresponding to the information you are interested in reviewing. If everything is in order, proceed by clicking Continue.


Step 12- The following page will allow you to optionally add additional certificates or certified copies along with your filing. Your contact information must then submitted in the three entry fields provided. At the bottom of this page you will see a summary of the fee that you will be required to pay in order to complete the application process. Once ready to move forward, click Continue.


Step 13- The final stage of the application process will require you to choose a method of payment. Select one of the options available in the drop-down menu and click Next to proceed. Your customer information must then be submitted. Once entered, click Next move forward.



Step 14- Lastly, your credit card or e-check information must be given to complete the application process. When you are ready to submit payment, click Next.


How to File a Profit or Non-profit Corporation (Mail)

Filing through the mail can be accomplished by following the instructions found within the tutorial linked here.


Renewal– Both foreign profit and non-profit corporations will be required to renew annually with the Division of Revenue to remain in good standing. This process can be accomplished by navigating to this website and following the steps provided. A fee will be required in the amount of $50 for profit corporations and $25 for non-profit corporations. During this process you may also change the registered agent, or registered office for your business with an additional fee of $25. For those who are unable to renew online, an e-file exemption request can me made and mailed to the address below.

PO Box 308

Trenton, NJ 08646