Through this tutorial, business filers will be able to eradicate any confusion they’re experiencing when creating an online account with the New Hampshire Secretary of StateThe NH QuickStart account can be used to not only register the majority of business entities, but you will also be able to stay updated with all annual reports and payment of filing fees. For more information on how to get your account up and running, review our tutorial below.

How to Register

Step 1- To sign up for a new account, you will first need to find your way to this website on which you will see the login fields. To the right of those, the Create a User Account link is accessible. Click on this link to begin.


Step 2- The first step required is the submission of your personal details. Submit your full name, your mailing address, your phone number and your email address. Once all appropriate fields have been selected, you will be able to click Continue to advance on to the next step.


Step 3- Next, choose your User ID as well as your password. Your security question can be selected from the drop-down menu before you submit your answer into the final field. Click Create My Account when finished.


Step 4- This final page will notify you that your account has been set up and will present you with the Login link as well as the option to print your credentials.


Step 5- To log in, enter your newly created User ID and your Password before clicking Log In.


Step 6- Your homepage/dashboard should resemble the window below. With all the filing options available on the far left hand column and your filing information accessible front and center.


How to (Video)