If you’ve navigated to this webpage, you are most likely looking for insight into the filing process involved for new as well as pre-existing foreign LLCs in the state of New Hampshire. This particular page should serve only as a guideline, and we would recommend clicking on the more detailed tutorials linked below for both foreign and domestic entities. Within these two pages, you will find the process specific to professional and standard LLCs as well as the online and PDF registration for each. Across the board, filers can expect to pay a $100 filing fee (an extra $2 or so has been tacked on for online filers as a convenience charge of sorts).

How to File

Step 1- The first step that we always recommend for filers is the employment of the Business Entity Search function to cross check the Secretary of State name database. This process will give you an idea as to the availability of the name you plan on operating under in New Hampshire. A Name Reservation can also prove useful for those who are still preparing to file and would like some additional time.

Step 2- Once your name has been secured, you will be able to fill out the filing forms by PDF or online. Select either the foreign or domestic tutorial below to gain insight into the filing process for each registration method.

Step 3- You will now be able to pay the filing fee of $100 by check or by credit card, depending on your filing method. Once the fee has been paid online, you will simply need to confirm payment before sending the documents electronically to the Secretary of State. If filing through the mail, send both the finished application as well as the check to the first address below, or you may hand deliver it to the second.

Mailing address

Corporation Division

NH Dept. of State, 107 N Main St, Rm 204

Concord, NH 03301

Over-the-counter address

State House Annex

3rd Floor, Rm 317, 25 Capitol St

Concord, NH


EIN– This step doesn’t apply to those filing foreign LLCs as they already operate with the use of an Employer Identification Number. Essentially, this number is exactly what it sounds like. It’s used by the IRS to identify businesses as legitimate in the same way that a SSN is used to identify an individual. Once obtained, you will be able to use it to hire employees legally, open bank accounts, apply for credit cards and the like. You will find that you can acquire this number for free both Online and through the mail with the PDF Form SS-4.

Operating Agreement– It is always recommended that businesses operate with the use of a binding agreement amongst its members to ensure that the rights and duties of each applicable individual are laid out in black and white. This document will clarify the nature of the relationship between members of the company and the company itself which in turn will help avoid confusion in the case of a future legal dispute. To learn more, and to gain access to our free templates in MS Word and Adobe PDF, click on the link at the heading of this paragraph.

Renewal– The process of renewal in New Hampshire is fairly standard. You will need to log into your online account with NH QuickStart, submit your business ID and enter all the applicable information into your online annual report. Through this process as well as payment of the $100 filing fee, the Secretary of State will be able to keep a tab on all major managerial changes within your company and anything else they’ve deemed necessary. If you fail to file your annual report, you will lose the status of good standing and risk dissolution if enough time passes.

How to (Video)