Those looking to register their foreign limited liability company with the Nebraska Secretary of State need look no further than the contents of this tutorial. We’ve walked filers through the online submission of the application as well as the process of registering through the mail in order to cover all bases in the filing procedure. Regardless of the manner in which you choose to submit your application, you will be asked to pay a filing fee based on the nature of your LLC. These fees will be made payable by check or by credit card depending on the filing method. Below we’ve listed all fees administered by the Nebraska Secretary of State as well as the required forms that should accompany the filing.

  • Standard LLC- $100 + $5/page + $10 certificate of registration
  • Professional LLC (health and human recourses, engineering, architecture)- $100 + $5/page + $10 certificate of registration + $50 Application for Electronic Access of Records
  • Professional LLC (all other categories)- $100 + $5/page + $10 certificate of registration + $25 Certificate of Registration (from Supreme Court)

Before we walk you through the application process, take a moment to cross check to the Secretary of State name database to ensure that the name you plan on using is indeed available in this state. This process can be accomplished using the Business Entity Search function on the government website. Filers often find that the Name Reservation filing is useful when extra time is needed to consolidate the requisite forms and fees prior to filing,

How to File

Step 1- The first step is to download the Application for Certificate of Authority Foreign Limited Liability CompanyOnce opened in your PDF viewer, submit the following data before printing it off and signing it:

  • The name of the LLC
  • Alternate name (if applcable)
  • Registered agent name
  • Registered agent address
  • Address of principle office
  • If required by jurisdiction of initial organization, office maintained in said jurisdiction
  • State of jurisdiction
  • Purpose of business to be conducted
  • Effective date
  • Signature and printed name of authorized representative


Step 2- This step is only applicable to those submitting professional LLCs. If your entity provides engineering services, architectural services or services licensed by the department of health and human services, you will need to attach an Application for Electronic Access of Records to your filing. This document will provide a list of all members, managers, employees and agents legally authorized to operate in Nebraska. Those providing any other service will need to attach a Certificate of Registration (no form available for download) at this point which will essentially supply the same information.

Step 3- This step is applicable only if you plan on submitting the documents through the mail (proceed to Step 4 if you plan on submitting electronically). At this point, you will need to attach a certificate of existence from the jurisdiction of initial formation along with the check covering the total filing fee (fees listed at the top of this page). Send the registration forms in duplicate along with those two items to the below address for processing.

John A. Gale, Secretary of State

Room 1301 State Capitol, P.O. Box 94608

Lincoln, NE 68509

Step 4- To submit your documents online, navigate to this webpage and select the forming a new entity/qualifying a foreign entity option. Once selected, you will be able to use the drop-down menu to select your foreign entity. Click Continue to proceed.


Step 5- Begin by providing the name of the entity, the alternative name (if applicable), the original jurisdiction, and the principle office address.


Step 6- Indicate the effective date of filing by choosing between one of the two options presented. Here you will also be able to upload your application by selecting Choose File and making a selection from your documents. If you are filing as a professional LLC, this is the juncture at which you can submit your Certificate of Registration or your Application for Electronic Access of Records.



Step 7- The next page will have you selecting your registered agent type and submitting their name into the provided fields before clicking Search.


Step 8- Select your agent from the results to continue.


Step 9- Here, you will be able to review all the data submitted into the forms and edit any piece of information entered incorrectly.


Step 10- Review your filing fee and check off the box indicating that you understand that the submission of these documents means you will be officially filed with the Secretary of State. Supply your email address next before clicking Submit.


Step 11- This final step will have you paying the filing fee of your LLC. To do so, enter in your full name, full address, phone number and email address. Below this information, supply your credit card details before clicking Verify Information. You will then be able to review the information you’ve just supplied before committing to the submission of the fees and forms electronically thus completing the filing procedure.



Renewal– The renewal of limited liability companies in the state of Nebraska is a process that should only take a few minutes. All you will be doing is providing the Secretary of State with essentially the same information supplied in the initial application for authority to transact business. Renewals should be made between the 1st of January and the 1st of April of every odd year (e.g. 2015, 2017). During this timeframe, the Secretary of State website will provide the links necessary to file online and the instructions to submit the filing to their offices through the mail. Failure to renew may result in the dissolution of your business.