This tutorial should alleviate any confusion found when attempting to purchase a Certificate of Good Standing in Nebraska. The Secretary of State has allowed for an easy, online purchase of this document payable by credit card. Through the business entity search function of their website, you will be able to find the links necessary for acquiring this certificate and, providing that you are in good standing with the state, have you on your way to proving legitimacy and legality to financial institutions, foreign authorities and the like. There are two options available to filers; either an online certificate of good standing can be acquired (filing fee $6.50) or a physical copied sent through the mail to your address (filing fee $10).

How to Order

Step 1- Navigate to this website on which you can perform a business entity search. There are two search options; by name and by account number. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ve chosen the account number method, however more information about the business entity search can be found here for those who are curious. Start by selecting the search option and entering the required data into the provided field. You will also need to indicate that you are not a robot before continuing.



Step 2- If entered correctly, the account number will produce the page with all your business information. On this page you should be able to spot the options to purchase the certificate online and by mail. Make your selection then click Add Items to Cart.


Step 3- Depending on your selection, your shopping cart should look like one of the windows displayed below. If you’ve elected to have the document delivered by mail, you will have the option to choose the number of copies. Continue to Checkout when ready.



Step 4- Your billing information will be required on this page including your full name, full address and contact information (phone number and email address). Below that, submit your credit card info before clicking on Verify Information which will allow you to review all the data entered before officially purchasing the documents. If you chose to buy the online certificate, you should be able to immediately access and print off your document. Otherwise, you should receive the certificate within 2-3 days of this filing.


How to (Video)