This page is meant to instruct representatives of foreign limited liability companies of the information demanded by the North Dakota Secretary of State. Below, we’ve provided the PDF form and listed all provisions necessary for acceptance into this new state, which you will be required to submit through the mail or by fax to the state offices. This filing will need to be furnished with a filing fee, payable by check or credit card, totalling $135. Along with the fee, you will need to supply a certificate of good standing or like document which has been authenticated by the authorities in your jurisdiction of initial formation.

It is always wise to perform a Business Entity Search prior to filing to avoid a rejected application. In doing so, you will be effectively checking the availability of your current business for use in North Dakota. If you have ascertained that it is indeed usable, you may reserve it for a period of 12 months with the use of a Name Reservation filing ($10).

How to File a Standard/Professional LLC

Step 1- The Certificate of Authority Application for foreign standard, as well as professional, LLCs can be downloaded through the link in this paragraph. Have it opened in your PDF viewer of choice when ready.

Step 2- The information they ask of you is as follows:

  • 1-All certificates and fees attached to the filing (check the applicable boxes)
  • 2- Nature of business (business or professional)
  • 3-Federal ID number
  • 4-Name of LLC
  • 5-Trade name (fictitious name) and trade name form if initial name is unavailable in North Dakota
  • 6-Complete address of principle office
  • 7-State or country of origin
  • 8-Duration of LLC
  • 9-Telephone number
  • 10-Toll-free telephone number
  • 11a-Name of commercial registered agent
  • 11b-Name of non-commercial registered agent
  • 11c-Address of non-commercial registered agent
  • 12-Nature of business
  • 13-Names, role and complete mailing address of managers and governors
  • 14-Signature and date of signing of authorized representative
  • 15-Contact person, their email and their phone number


Step 3- You will be able to file the application after you’ve attached the filing fee of $135, the certificate of good standing and, if applicable, the certification from the licensing board associated with your profession. Once all certificates and fees have been consolidated and the application has been signed and dated by the authorized personnel, you will be able to fax it to 701-328-2992 or mail it to the below address to complete your registration process.

Secretary of State
State of North Dakota
600 E Boulevard Avenue Dept 108
Bismarck ND 58505-0500


Renewal– In order to remain in good standing with the Secretary of State, LLC operators will need to file an annual report by the 1st of November of each calendar year. The form asks very standard information which is essentially identical to that of the initial registration documents. The data will be used to keep the state informed of any significant changes which may have occurred in regards to LLC operators, principle office address, registered agent, and the like. You can retrieve your annual report by performing a Business Entity Search if you represent a standard LLC. Professional LLCs will need to contact the Secretary of State to retrieve their report through the contact information on this webpage. Once completed, you will be able to submit it to either 701-328-2992 by fax or to the below address. Along with your report, you will be required to submit the filing fee of $50.

Annual Report Processing Center
Secretary of State
State of North Dakota
PO Box 5513
Bismarck ND 58506-5513