This particular tutorial of your North Carolina registration guide has been catered to the individual looking to file for a foreign, or a domestic, partnership. Within this page you will be able to download the requisite forms and in turn educate yourself on the filing procedure required by the Secretary of State. You will be required to fill out a PDF regardless of your entity type but the manner in which you deliver it to the office of the Secretary of State is up to you. You may simply supply the filing fee and send the document through the mail, or you may choose to upload the PDF online and pay the fee by credit card. This fee will amount to $125 if filing as a LLP or LLLP while foreign and domestic LPs will only need to provide $50.

Before downloading the forms associated with your entity type, we suggest that you perform an inquiry into the availability of your chosen partnership name by utilizing the Business Entity Search function. If you wish, you may also at this point perform a Name Reservation which will last for a period of 120 days prior to filing. This process will cost a total of $30.

How to File a Domestic LP/LLLP

Step 1- In order to file your domestic limited partnership, or limited liability limited partnership you will be required to download the appropriate PDF found here. Regardless of which partnership variety you’re forming, you can use this document. The information is essentially the same for each partnership type.

Step 2- Supply the following information into the fields:

Page 1

  • 1-Name of partnership
  • 2-County of filing, county file number, date of filing (if formed prior to 1986)
  • 3-Name of registered agent
  • 4-Address of registered agent
  • 5-Address and phone number where records are kept (if different then registered agent address)
  • 6-Latest date upon which the partnership is to dissolve (leave blank if not applicable)
  • 7-Name and address of each partner
  • 8-Effective date


Page 2

  • 9-Signature, printed name and date of signature provided by each general partner
  • 10-Business email address (optional)
  • 11-Check box if LP is to be LLLP and provide principle address, mailing address, office telephone number and the fiscal year end of the partnership


Step 3- You can mail the finished form, along with the filing fee in the form of a check made out to the Secretary of State to the below address. The fee for LPs will equal $50 while the fees for LLLPs should amount to a total of $125.

 Corporations Division

PO Box 29622

Raleigh, NC 27626-0622

How to File a Domestic LLP

Step 1- Filing for a domestic LLP is simple, begin by downloading this Application for Registration.

Step 2- Once open in your PDF viewer, you will be able to supply the following information into its fields:

  • 1-Name of partnership
  • 2-Address of principle address and mailing address (if different)
  • 3-Name of the registered agent
  • 4-Street address of registered agent
  • 5-Mailing address of registered agent
  • 6-The fiscal year end of the partnership
  • 7-Business email address (optional) (page 2)
  • 8-Effective date (page 2)
  • Date, printed name and signature of applicant (page 2)


Page 2

  • 7-Business email address (optional)
  • 8-Effective date
  • Date of signing
  • Signature of applicant
  • Name and title of applicant

Step 3- Mail the form along with a check for $125 made out to the Secretary of State to the below address to complete the filing process.

Corporations Division

PO Box 29622

Raleigh, NC 27626-0622

How to File a Foreign LP/LLLP

Step 1- Application as a foreign limited partnership is a very straight forward procedure. First, you will be required to fill out the Application for Registration as a foreign Limited Partnership.

Step 2- The application will ask the following information of the foreign applicants:

Page 1

  • 1-Name of the foreign limited partnership
  • 2-Name to be used in North Carolina
  • 3-Jurisdiction and date of formation as well as the period of duration
  • 4-Principle office address and mailing adress
  • 5-Name of registered agent
  • 6-Address of registered agent


Page 2

  • 8-Business email address (optional)
  • 9-Name and address of each general partner
  • 10-Attach a list of names and addresses of all limited partners, or give the address at which such a list is kept
  • 11-LP is LLLP (yes/no)
  • 12-Effective date
  • Typed/printed name, signature, title of applicant


Step 3- Once you’ve completed the filing forms, you will need to attach to it, a certificate of existence or like document issued by the appropriate authorities in your jurisdiction of initial formation. This certificate must be issued within 6 months of your filing in North Carolina. You may also at this point, attach the filing fee of $50 if registering your limited partnership or one of $125 if submitting this filing while representing a limited liability limited partnership. Send the filing package to the below location to complete your filing process.

Corporations Division

PO Box 29622

Raleigh, NC 27626-0622

How to File a Foreign LLP

Step 1- To file as a foreign limited liability partnership, you will first need to download the Application for Registration that accompanies this partnership type.

Step 2- You must then submit the following information using your PDF viewer:

Page 1

  • 1-Name of the foreign limited partnership
  • 2-Name to be used in North Carolina
  • 3-Principle office address and mailing adress
  • 4-Name of registered agent
  • 5-Address of registered agent


Page 2

  • 6-Business email address (optional)
  • 8-Fiscal year end of partnership
  • 10-Effective date of registration
  • Date of signing
  • Business entity name
  • Signature of applicant
  • Printed name and title of applicant

Step 3- Attach to your completed form, a certificate of existence which has been issued within 6 months by the Secretary of State or like authority in the jurisdiction of your initial formation. You must also cut a check for $125 made out to the Secretary of State. Mail all three items to the below address for processing by the government offices.

Corporations Division

PO Box 29622

Raleigh, NC 27626-0622

How to Submit your PDF Online

Step 1- In order to submit your PDF application online, you will first need to create an online account with the Secretary of State website. This can be easily achieved with the help of our tutorial located here on our website. Once completed, enter your username and password into the provided fields on this webpage.


Step 2- In the left hand column, under the heading PDF FILING, you should be able to locate the Upload a Creation Filing link. Click on it to continue.


Step 3- You will then need to provide the below information before uploading your document and clicking the Upload link. Note, you must attach the certificate of good standing in the same PDF as the registration documents to submit as a foreign entity.

  • Entity name
  • Has entity been created in another state or country (yes/no)
  • Entity type
  • Document type
  • Customer reference number (optional)
  • Expedite (yes/no)


Step 4- Finally, you will be able to pay for your filing by clicking on the Submit bubble in the far left hand column of the below window and entering in the method of payment as well as the return email address. Click on Pay & Submit when ready to complete the filing.



EIN– All new partnerships must apply for an Employer Identification number from the Secretary of State. The EIN will allow you to commit to all levels of financial undertakings while giving you the ability to hire employees legally. It is administered by the IRS to keep a tab on all legitimate, tax-withholding business entities. You can review our tutorial linked in the heading of this paragraph if you’re experiencing any trouble with the application process. Otherwise you can submit your application Online or through the mail by completing the PDF Form SS-4.

Partnership Agreement–  All partnership varieties would benefit from the incorporation of a binding agreement into its business structure. This will enable all the general partners to relay the various rules and regulations of the entity as well as dictate all the rights and duties they are to carry out. Linked in the heading of this paragraph is a template, downloadable in both MS Word and Adobe PDF, to assist you in better organizing your business and avoid confusion in the case of a future legal dispute.

Renewal–  For whatever reason, only LLP and LLLPs are required to file an annual report with the Secretary of State. This can be accomplished through the Secretary of State website by employing the business entity search function. The date of filing is fairly strange as well for this state, as the report will be due following “the fifteenth day of the fourth month following the close of the Registered Limited Liability Limited Partnership’s fiscal year”. Upon submission, filers can expect to pay a total of $200 to the office of the Secretary of State. Follow the link in the heading of this paragraph to begin the search for your partnership within the Secretary of State name database.

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