This tutorial has been designed to help business representatives prove their legitimacy through the purchasing of a Certificate of Existence. The purpose of this certificate is to indicate that your business indeed exists, that you have submitted your annual reports, and that you have paid all required fees to remain in good standing with their offices. Although there are methods of obtaining a certificate through the mail, over the phone, by fax, or in person, this tutorial will focus on what is required to obtain one online. In order to acquire this certificate, filers will need an online account with the government website. A tutorial on account registration can be found here.

How to Request

Step 1- Assuming that you’ve created your E-Account, you will be able to then navigate to this webpage to login. Provide your username and password into the provided fields and click Logon to enter your portal.


Step 2- Once logged in, scroll down and check the menu on the left hand side of your screen. There, you should be able to locate the Start an Order link. Click it to advance to the next step.


Step 3- This will automatically set you up with the business entity search function. Through this you will be able to access the page on which the option to purchase the certificate has been made available. Enter the organization name into the provided field, or, if you’d prefer, choose to search by Sos ID and supply the number into the field which demands it.

nc-business-searchStep 4- Identify your business from the list and click the entity name in order to access the business details.


Step 5- It is on the business details page that account holders will be able to click on the Order Documents Online option. Select this to continue.


Step 6- You will then be able to specify the quantity as well as the certificate type (in our case existence) before clicking Add to Cart or Add and/or Checkout.


Step 7- When you choose to check out, you will be presented with a page that looks similar to the window displayed below. There will be a description of the certificate you’re ordering, the customer reference number, the quantity and the total price. Click Checkout when ready.


Step 8- Your account info will be displayed at this stage and you will be able to specify the Card Type, Account # and Expiration Date of your credit card. Click Complete Purchase when you are certain that all information has been submitted correctly. Your order will be transferred immediately.


How to (Video)