Creating a corporation in Montana is a piece of cake. It requires nothing more than filling out a form and mailing it, along with a check, to the Secretary of State. Although there are no online filing options, as of yet, the mail filing system is incredibly simple. The one little eccentricity of their system is that the expedited filing services requires an additional $20 for 24 hour processing or $100 for 1 hour processing. If you plan to expedite you must add these fees to the normal filing fee associated with your corporation type. Scroll down to begin.

How to File

Step 1- Before embarking on any filing you must ensure that the operating name you would like to use for your corporation, domestic or foreign, must be both legally appropriate and available. Check for availability by cross-referencing the business database. Additionally, if you are worried that your desired operating name may be taken by a competitor in the time it takes you to file, you may want to reserve the name for 120 days ($10 with expedited filing options) via the name reservation procedure.

Step 2- Continue by supplying the requisite filing information to the PDF application associated with your business type. Click on the link below that correlates with your business to learn more about the exact filing requirements.

Step 3- Now that your form is completed, you must write out a check for the stated filing fee + any fee for expedited processing which you wish to pay for. Make the check out to the Secretary of State. Submit the filing package consisting of your completed form and your check to the following address:

Secretary of State

P.O. Box 202801

Helena, MT 59620-2801


EIN– New domestic corporations will need to file for an EIN, or Employer Identification Number, online or through the mail (Form SS-4) before attempting to take any financial actions as an entity. The IRS issues EINs to any entities wishing to pay employees, take out loans, or operate in any other financial way, as it makes these actions legal and taxable in the eyes of the law. For more information on EINs, their primary functions, and how/where to get them, follow the link at the heading of this paragraph.

Corporate Bylaws– New corporations will likewise have to draft a bylaws document to be considered legally allowed to operate. This agreement, in essence, is an internal document (in that it never gets filed with the government) which lays out the rules and regulations of the corporation in question. For more information on bylaws, why they are necessary, and how to draft one, please follow the link at the heading of this paragraph. At that page you will find also our free bylaws template, in both PDF and MS Word formatting, available for download.

Renewal– Finally, in order to remain in good standing once all previously mentioned steps have been seen to, you will need to renew annually. To renew, file online at this site by completing a short series of forms built into the portal. If you would like to generate a pre-filled renewal form you may do so at this site. As far as payments go, the standard fee is $20, but beware: if your filing is submitted after 5 PM (MST) on April 15th the fee will rise to $35. Payments can be made by debit or credit card.

How to (Video)