Individuals looking to take advantage of the convenience of online business management and registration will first need to create an account. Once you’ve logged in and been directed to your home screen you will be able to file new businesses, apply for authority as a foreign business representatives and effectively manage your registrations all in one streamlined portal. Fortunately, the process of creating an account is both free and simple and should only take few minutes of your time.

How to Create

Step 1- First you will need to navigate to this website. On this page you should be able to see a window identical to the one shown below. Click the Register link to continue.


Step 2- You will then have to prove that you are human by entering in the numbers or letters indicated in the photo. Once you’ve done so, click Next.


Step 3-  Enter in on the following page your name, your physical/mailing address and your business email (twice) then click Confirm.


Step 4- If executed correctly you should see a notification directing you to the inbox of your email.


Step 5- In your inbox you should see an email similar to the one displayed below. There will be your username and temporary password made available to you. Return to this website from step 1 to log in.


Step 6- As soon as you’ve logged in, they’ll give you the option to customize your password. Once you’ve submitted the first password then entered your new password twice, you will have successfully created your online account. Congratulations!



How to (Video)