The option to reserve your business name prior to filing is one that should only be utilized if you believe that your name is at risk of being registered by another entity and if you don’t plan on submitting your formation documents in the near future. If you plan on filing with the Secretary of State within the next few days, there is no need to perform a name reservation as this filing should not be used as a function to test the name’s availability. Instead, you may use the Business Entity Search function to ensure that the name you have chosen for your business is unique to you and you alone.

This filing will require applicants to have an account with the online business services portal. To learn how to create an account, please review our online tutorial here. It will be necessary that you provide the information for this filing through the website as there is currently no PDF option available on the Secretary of State website. However, business representatives may choose to pay and submit the document through the mail by downloading the completed application. Otherwise, filers will be able to pay and file their application online with the use of a credit card or electronic check ($25). Fortunately, in the State of Mississippi, the reservation lasts for a total of 180 days and provides ample time to submit your registration paperwork.

How to Reserve

Step 1- Begin by logging into your account on this webpage. If you don’t currently have an account with the online business services, you should review our tutorial here.


Step 2- Once logged in you will be presented with your homepage where you will be able to click on the Reserve a Business Name link.


Step 3- The first step will be in submitting your business information including the business type, whether foreign or domestic, the name to be reserved and your business email address.


Step 4- Next indicate whether the applicant is an individual or business then provide the individual’s/business representative’s name and full address.

ms-name-reserve-2Step 5- Provide next the title, name and full address of the authorized representative authenticating this filing. Click Next to continue.


Step 6- The next two webpages will indicate that the forms were completed accurately and will give you the opportunity to add an attachment. To skip through these, simply click Next on both pages.



Step 7- You will need to choose a payment method at this juncture. You will have to option to submit the forms electronically as well as the option to print them off and mail them to the office of the Secretary of State in the mail (relayed in Step 9). There is also a link to Email Form to Third Party for Review if you wish to do so. Alternatively you can put off payment for now and save to information you’ve submitted to be filed later. If you’ve chosen to submit electronically (detailed in step 8) you will be redirect to the State of Mississippi Payment Gateway as shown in the second window below.



Step 8a- Begin by reviewing the transaction details and selecting your payment type (electronic check or credit care). Click Next to continue.


Step 8b- Enter your Customer Information including your full name, full address, phone number and email address.


Step 8c- Enter your credit card information including the number, expiration date, security code and name on card. Click Next to submit the payment and complete the filing;.


Step 9a- If you’ve decided to print the files and send them in by mail to the Secretary of State, you will be presented with the below window after selecting this payment option from the list in Step 7. Click Reservation of Name to be presented with the printable document.


Step 9b- You should be presented with a page similar to the one shown below which will display all the information previously submitted into the forms. Print off this document and attach a check covering the $25 filing fee before submitting it to the below address. This action will complete your name reservation filing.

Secretary of State

P.O. Box 136

Jackson, MS 39205


How to (Video)