In this tutorial we’ll go over the process of registering your foreign limited liability company with the Mississippi Secretary of State. We’ve broken the procedure down step by step to show you exactly what it takes to start doing business in this state. Filers will find that there are no PDF files available for download, which is usually the case for those wishing to submit their application through the mail. Instead all applicants will be required to create an account with the Secretary of State website and submit their information online. There are two payment options regarding the submission of the filing fee ($250); you may pay online by credit card or by check made payable to the Secretary of State. The latter of these two options is available only to those who decide to print off the form once completed online and submit it in the mail. More on this process in the guide below.

Before we start, it would be wise to cross check the Secretary of State name database to ensure that your LLC name hasn’t already been registered by another Mississippi business. Learn more about this process here. Also, you may reserve your name for up to 6 months by performing a quick Name Reservation filing online. This filing will cost you $25 should you decide to commit.

How to File

Be sure to have ready, a certificate of good standing issued by the Secretary of State or like authority from your jurisdiction of formation. Without this document, your filing will be rejected.

Step 1-Begin by logging into your account on this webpage. If you don’t have an account, and your having trouble with the registration process, you may review our tutorial here.


Step 2- Once you’ve logged in to your account, you will be brought to the home screen on which you will find the Name Reservation and Formation Filings window. Click on the second option from the top to apply as a foreign entity.


Step 3- You will need to first select your Business Type from the drop down menu. Once Limited Liability Company has been selected, you will be presented with all the fields necessary to complete the forms. Begin by submitting your business name and email.


Step 4- If you wish to have a future effective date, indicate so here. Also you will be able to submit your state of organization, the date the business was organized and indicate whether or not your LLC is managed by managers or members. After this provide the NAICS Codes that describe the nature of your business.


Step 5- The principle office address should be provided next.


Step 6- Provide the type of registered agent you have appointed as well as their full name, full address and email address. If you don’t currently have a registered agent, you may find out by clicking on the Find Commercial Registered Agents link.


Step 7- You will only need to provide one signature of an authorized representative of the company, either a member, manager or initial organizer. Doing so requires that you submit their title, name and address before clicking Update.



Step 8-  If you’ve completed all the forms successfully, you should see a notification on the next page that resembles the one shown below. They will warn you if any of the information is missing or incorrect at this point. After clicking Next you will be presented with the second window which will allow you to upload your Certificate of Good Standing.



Step 9- Steps 10a-10c will take you through the online payment of the filing fee while steps 11a and 11b will walk you through how to print off the documents and mail them in with an attached check. The other two options at this point are to email the forms to a third party or to exit and save the document to file later. If you have chosen to pay online, you will encounter the second window displayed below indicating that you will be redirected to the Mississippi Payment Gateway.



Step 10a- Make sure at this point that the filing fee is correct in the transaction summary and then select your payment type from the drop down menu. Your options will be credit card or e-check. For this tutorial we chose to demonstrate the credit card payment process as this is the one which is most commonly used by online filers.


Step 10b- You will need to provide some information at this point including your country of residence, first and last name, full address, phone number and email address. Once complete, click Next.


Step 10c- You will be able to enter your credit card information in and click Next to be brought to the payment summary page. Once you have confirmed your payment, you will have finished the online application process.


Step 11a- Providing that you’ve clicked on the second option, which is to print off the application and mail it in to the office of the Secretary of State, you will need select the link in blue to continue.


Step 11b- You should see an application which resembles the one displayed below. All that remains is to print this off and attach to it a check made out to the Secretary of State covering the $250 filing fee. Mail all items to the below address to complete your filing.

Secretary of State

P.O. Box 136

Jackson, MS 39205



Renewal – In Mississippi, all LLCs, whether foreign or domestic, will be required to renew each year by submitting their annual report. This filing can be completed online by using your registered account with the Secretary of State website. Unlike many states, Mississippi has allowed for businesses to submit their report for free. You must navigate to this website if you plan on filing and submit your renewal forms between the 1st of January and the 15th of April of each year. In the case that you don’t currently have an online account with the Mississippi Secretary of State, you can review our registration tutorial here.