This tutorial is meant to serve as an overview of the registration processes of foreign and domestic limited liability companies in the state of Mississippi. Linked on this webpage are links to comprehensive guides covering a few maneuvers you will need to make before submitting your forms to the Secretary of State. Also linked are more detailed tutorials for both foreign and domestic LLCs, in which we will take you step by step through the online registration procedure of each variant. As there are no PDF files available, all applicants will be required to set up an online account (tutorial found here), submit the requisite data online and pay the filing fee (foreign $250, domestic $50) by e-check, credit card or check.

How to File

Step 1- Begin by creating an account with the Secretary of State website. This can be done with relative ease and will only require very basic information of you. For more information review our tutorial here.

Step 2- Before completing the forms online, it is wise for both foreign and domestic LLCs representatives to perform a preliminary check of the Secretary of State name database to ensure that their chosen name is usable in the state of Mississippi. Furthermore, many businesses choose to reserve their name, a process which costs a total of $25 and ensures the security of a name for a period of 6 months prior to filing.

Step 3- Providing that your name is available and you have completed the account registration process, you can begin the filing process. Choose the tutorial below we’ve correlates with your LLC type to get more detailed instruction.

Step 4- Once you’ve completed the forms, you will be able to choose between two filing options; you can choose to submit and pay online by credit card, or print off the form and pay by check. If you have chosen the latter, you will need to send the form along with the filing fee to the below address. Regardless of the filing method the fees remain the same at $50 for domestic LLCs and $250 for foreign.

Secretary of State

P.O. Box 136

Jackson, MS 39205


EIN – If your filing has been accepted by the Secretary of State, and you are starting a new LLC, you will most likely need to apply for an Employer Identification Number. This number, issued by the IRS, will enable your LLC to be recognized as a legitimate, tax paying company thus allowing you to hire employees, open bank accounts and apply for loans using the company name. As some may find the application procedure confusing we have supplied tutorials for both the Online and the Form SS-4 processes here on our website.

Operating Agreement–  It is recommended that all limited liability companies draft an operating agreement to delineate the responsibilities and rights of all managing members of the business. This is not required by law in the state of Mississippi but can be used as legal proof in the case of a future dispute. Not only will this allow you to successfully organize the internal affairs of your company, it will also enable you to appear legitimate and well structured in the eyes of financial institutions, foreign Secretaries of State and competing businesses. To gain access to a free template in both MS Word and PDF format, click on the link above and to the left.

Renewal – All LLCs registered in Mississippi will need to renew each year with the submission of their annual report. The filing itself is free and should only take just a few minutes of your time as the information that the Secretary of State requires is minimal. Renewal forms must be submitted online between the dates of January 1st and April 15th of each calendar year. All that will be required of you when seeking the forms is the submission of your business ID into the site linked in the heading of this paragraph. You will however be required to have already registered for an online account with the Secretary of State. More information on account registration can be found here.

How to (Video)