Welcome to the Start a Business tutorial designed for representatives of foreign corporations wishing to extend their business into the state of Mississippi. This webpage contains all the information necessary to get your business registered with the Secretary of State and on its way to running smoothly in this foreign state. Filers will be required to register for an online account before registering with the Secretary of State, the process for which should only take a couple of minutes (tutorial found here). All profit corporations will need to submit $500 regardless of the filing method. Non-profits need only supply $100. This fee can be submitted by e-check or credit card if registering through the website or by check if you choose to print off the copy of the application and send it by mail to the Secretary of State.

Be sure to perform a Business Entity Search to crosscheck the name database ensuring that your current company name is usable in the state of Mississippi. Furthermore, you may perform a Name Reservation to prevent other businesses from registering using your corporate name. This reservation will last for a period of 6 months and cost only $25. 

How to File

There are very few differences between the for-profit and non-profit filing systems. For this reason we’ve incorporated them both into this one, step by step guide. Please note that regardless of the nature of your business, as you are a foreign entity, you will need to provide a certificate of good standing issued to you in your jurisdiction of incorporation within 6 months of this filing.

Step 1- Begin by navigating to the Secretary of State business login page and submit your login credentials. Those without an account will want to visit our online tutorial on the registration process.


Step 2- You will be presented with your personal homepage on which you should see the window displayed below. Select the second option from the top to register your foreign entity.


Step 3- Select from the drop down menu, the type of entity you’re applying for. Below this, you can enter the business name and business email. In the case that the name is not available to you, a second field will present itself with the opportunity to submit an alternative, fictitious name to use in Mississippi.



Step 4- This is the only step that separates the registration of profit and non-profit entities. Both corporation types will need to submit the future effective date (if applicable), period of duration, state of incorporation, date of incorporation and NAICS code representing the nature of their business. Non-profits will also need to indicate whether the organization has members and provide the non-profit activity to be carried out in Mississippi.



Step 5- Next, provide your registered agent’s type, full name, full address and email address. It is required that the registered agent have a street address located in the state of Mississippi.


Step 6- Quickly enter the address of you principle office.


Step 7- The signature of at least one incorporator is required at this point. This will involve clicking on the Click to sign link and supply the title, full name and residential address for each applicable member. Click Update when finished with the signature window and Next to move to the next page.



Step 8- This subsequent page will indicate whether you have forgotten any information in the application. If everything is complete, the page should look like the first window below. The second page you will encounter will allow you to attach the certificate of good standing and any other document you feel is necessary to file.



Step 9- On the following page you will be given the option to submit your forms/payment online, print off the documents and mail them, send the articles to a third party for review, or pause the application to proceed at a later date. Steps 10a-10c of our tutorial will deal with the online submission option while the steps 11a and 11b will walk filers through the steps necessary for submitting the documents in the mail. If you’ve chosen to pay online, a window letting you know that you’re being redirected to the Mississippi Payment Gateway will appear immediately after making your selection.



Step 10a- Review the filing fee and select you payment type from the drop down menu. You will have the option of credit card or e-check. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ve decided to cover the more common, credit card payment option.


Step 10b- Before submitting your credit card information, they will ask that you provide your country of residence, full name, address and contact information.


Step 10c- Finally, your credit card information can be submitted to pay the filing fee. The next page will give a payment summary and a link to officially submit the filing to the Secretary of State’s office. This payment concludes your filing process.


Step 11a- Those who have opted to print off the Application for Certificate of Authority will find it linked on this page. Click on the blue, underlined link to view the printable document.


Step 11b- All that will be required at this point is that you print off the application, providing all information is accurate and complete, and attach to it a check covering the full filing fee ($500 profit, $100 non-profit). Mail both items to the below address to complete the transaction.

Secretary of State

P.O. Box 136

Jackson, MS 39205



Renewal – The Mississippi Secretary of State has demanded that all limited liability companies and corporations renew each year through the submission of an annual report. This will update their offices of any major changes which have occurred over the course of each year and will enable your business to remain in good standing. It is necessary that this submission be completed online, and with the help of your business ID (retrievable through a business entity search) you should be able to update the state in just a matter of minutes.