This webpage is meant to act as an overview of the filing procedure demanded of foreign and domestic corporate applicants looking to begin conducting business in Mississippi. On this page you will find links for a set of detailed and in depth tutorials which will direct you, step by step, through the Secretary of State website. It is required that all filers, foreign and domestic, profit and non-profit, register for an account with the online portal. In fact, there are no PDF files available in this state and the authorities ask all applicant’s to submit their business info using their website. There will be, however, an option to print off the application/articles once the data has been provided and submit the filing through the mail with the attached filing fee (see list below for cost of filing). Otherwise filers will be required to pay and register online with the use of their credit card or an e-check.

How to File

Step 1- We recommend a preliminary search of the name database as the first step in any business entity filing. This search will have you checking the availability of your corporate name thus reducing the possibility of a rejected application. Another option is to reserve your name for a period of 6 months ($25) to prevent other entities from registering under it as you prepare to file.

Step 2- You will of course need to create an online account before being able to file (this step will be required before making the aforementioned name reservation). Our tutorial on the registration process will get you set up and logged into your account in no time.

Step 3- You can continue by completing the filing forms online. Select the tutorial below which correlates with the type of corporation you plan on operating or currently represent.

Step 4- Once all the forms have been filled, you will be able to pay the filing fee by check, e-check or credit card depending on the method of submission. As previously stated, domestic corporations across the board will be required to submit a $50 filing fee while foreign profits can expect $500. Foreign non-profit corporations will only need to provide $100. If you’ve paid online, you will have completed your filing at this juncture. Paper filers will need to send both the filing fee as well as the Articles of Incorporation/Application for Certificate of Authority to the below address to finish filing.

Secretary of State

P.O. Box 136

Jackson, MS 39205


EIN – New corporations will need to apply for an Employer Identification Number after they’ve finished filing with the Secretary of State. This number will allow them to use the corporate name when opening bank accounts, applying for loans, signing up for credit cards or conducting any level of financial transaction. Furthermore, incorporators without this identifier will be unable to hire employees and will not be recognized as legitimate in the eyes of the IRS. To learn more about the acquisition process, you should take the time to review our tutorials on how to apply Online and through the PDF Form SS-4.

Corporate Bylaws– The application of a set of corporate bylaws to your company’s business structure is not a necessary step in the formation of your corporation. However, the drafting of such a document will allow the founding members of your entity to relay clearly, in black and white, the manner in which the internal affairs of the corporation are to be organized. You will find, linked in this paragraph, a template available in MS Word and PDF format which should be reviewed by your attorney before utilizing it in the management of your business.

Renewal – Corporations and LLCs are required by law to renew each year in order to remain in good standing with the Mississippi Secretary of State. The process involves logging into your online account (registration guide here) navigating to the annual report page (linked to the left) and entering in your business ID. You will then be able to submit all requisite information updating the Secretary of State of any significant changes which have occurred over the course of the previous year. The filing is due between the 1st of January and the 15th of April.

How to (Video)