This brief tutorial will cover the registration process surrounding the creation of a Missouri online business filing account. The Secretary of State website has asked that all business representatives take the time to submit their preferred login credentials as well as provide a few pieces of information before they will be given access to the online filing system. Once administered, you will be able to create new businesses and manage your filings in one stream lined and easy to use portal. Filers will most likely find the account registration procedure fairly straight forward but in the case that you are unsure of any of the steps, we’ve provided an in depth guide below.

How to Register

Step 1- In order to be presented with the account creation link and login credential fields, you will need to navigate to this website. Once there, click on the Create Account option below the login fields to continue.


Step 2- The Missouri Secretary of State asks that you provide more information than the average online business filing portal would. However you will not need to activate through the use of your email so there will be fewer steps required. Regardless, the information deemed mandatory is as follows:

  • User ID
  • Password and password confirmation
  • Security question
  • Security answer
  • Type of registration (individual or organization)
  • Full name
  • Full address
  • Phone number
  • Email address and email address confirmation


Step 3- On the same page they will supply the terms and conditions of the online account membership. Once you have reviewed them, select the box that indicates that you agree and click CREATE ACCOUNT.


Step 4- This will navigate you back to the initial page. Now you can enter your newly created User ID and Password to login into your account. It’s that simple!


How to (Video)