Welcome to the Start a Business guide designed to assist foreign LLC representatives through the online and PDF filing system implemented by the Missouri Secretary of State. Within this tutorial you will find all the information necessary to get your entity properly registered with the appropriate authorities and on its way to transacting business in this new state. You will find that the online portal available to filers is both concise and easy to use, and for this reason, we recommend that filers utilize the e-registration option to file their Application for Registration. Furthermore, you will notice a significant price difference in the online filing option as the fees relating to this method equate to $50 as opposed to the $105 asked of paper filers. For those who would still like to submit their documentation through the mail, we’ve included a brief tutorial on this as well, all within scrolling distance.

Before reviewing the registration process, we recommend that applicants take a moment to cross check the Secretary of State name database to investigate the availability of their LLC name. More on this process can be found here. You may also wish to consider the benefits of a Name Reservation filing, an action which will allow for a 60 day hold on your business name prior to registration.

How to File (Online)

Step 1- In order to access the online registration portal, you will first need to log into your account using this website. If you haven’t yet created your account, you can do so on the same page. For those who have found the process confusing, we’ve created a tutorial accessible here on our site.


Step 2- Once you’ve located your home page, you will be able to click on the Create LLC link (shown below).


Step 3- In the drop down menus, select the LLC option followed by the foreign designation before clicking BEGIN.


Step 4- The first bit of information that you’ll need to supply is the name of your LLC in the home state, or jurisdiction, of initial registration.


Step 5- The second page will ask you to provide your name reservation number (if applicable) and supply the name to be used in Missouri for the duration of your term.


Step 6- The general information demanded by the Secretary of State is the region of initial formation as well as the date of said formation. You will need to also choose your duration and designate the business purpose of the LLC. If you have elected to be a series LLC or you would like to a apply a future effective date, you will do so on this page.


Step 7- There are two ways of securing your registered agent. On the first page you can enter in the name and search through the generated list by clicking SEARCH REG. AGENT. You may also choose to enter the name manually by clicking I DO NOT WANT TO SEARCH and supplying requisite data (shown in window 3).




Step 8- The address of the registered office in your home state or region of initial organization will need to be submitted at this juncture.


Step 9- You will need to submit a PDF, TIFF or TIF of a certificate of good standing issued within 60 days of your filing with the Missouri Secretary of State.


Step 10- On this page you can review all the data which had previously been submitted into the forms. If at any point the information seems inaccurate, you may edit it by clicking Update beside the applicable window. Proceed onto the signatures following this step.


Step 11- You can ADD SIGNER by submitting their name into the fields provided. Once all organizers signatures have been supplied, you can check off the box that indicates that you understand the consequences of submitting false information before continuing to the shopping cart.


Step 12- Make sure that the filing fee and the payment summary seem accurate before clicking PAYMENT and proceeding to the next step.


Step 13- The next page will display a payment method selector. Choose between credit card and e-check. As soon as you’ve made your selection, one of the two below windows will present itself.

For credit card payment, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Card type
  • Credit card number
  • CVV
  • Expiration date
  • Name on card
  • Country of residence
  • Full address
  • Phone number


If you’ve decided to pay by electronic check, the following information will be asked of you:

  • Name as it appears on check
  • Account type
  • Address as it appears on check
  • City
  • State
  • Postal code
  • Check type
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number


Step 14- This final page will have you reviewing the terms and conditions of the filing, and if you comply, be sure to check off the box at the bottom of the page before clicking NEXT SUBMIT PAYMENT to finalize the filing.


How to File (PDF)

Step 1- You will need to first download the PDF of the Application for Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company here on our website. Following this, you can enter in this information using your PDF reader:

  • 1-Name of LLC in state of original organization
  • 2-Name to be used in Missouri
  • 3-Jurisdiction and date of initial organization
  • 4-Purpose of LLC
  • 5-Name and address of registered agent
  • 6-Address of principle office in initial jurisdiction
  • Name and address to return filed document
  • 8-The option to elect LLC as Series LLC
  • Authorized signature and printed name of applicable members as well as the date


Step 2- You will need to attach to the filing both the filing fee of $105 in check format and the certificate of good standing from the jurisdiction of initial organization. This document should be authorized by the Secretary of State of your home state and should have been issued within 60 days of your filing with the Missouri Secretary of State.

Step 3- Once all necessary documents have been compiled, place all items in an envelope and send the filing package to the below address for processing by the Secretary of State.

Corporations Division

PO Box 778 / 600 W. Main St., Rm. 322

Jefferson City, MO 65102