Starting a brand new, Missouri limited liability company couldn’t be easier for today’s business owner. The Secretary of State has allowed for filers to log into their personal online accounts and submit the registration documents electronically in a matter of minutes. The information required of applicants is minimal and the filing fee when administered online amounts to only $50. An alternative filing route is to download the Articles of Organization here on our website and submit them through the mail to the office of the Secretary of State. This filing method require that representatives pay a $105 in the form of a check. We of course recommend that applicants utilize the online portal designed for a streamlined filing experience, however, we’ve also included the paper filing method in the contents of this tutorial. For more info, scroll down!

Before we begin, a Business Entity Search, in particular a name availability search, will prove useful to ensure that your chosen entity name hasn’t already been registered by another business in Missouri. You may also wish to research the benefits of the Name Reservation by reviewing our tutorial linked in this paragraph.

How to File (Online)

Step 1- Start off by logging into your online account with the Secretary of State business registration portal. You will need to navigate to this website and supply your login credentials. You can review our tutorial on the account registration process here.


Step 2- Once you’ve located your home page, you will be able to click on the Create LLC link (shown below).


Step 3- In the drop down menus you will be able to indicate that you are indeed creating a domestic limited liability company before clicking BEGIN.


Step 4- The first form of the online articles will ask that you provide your business name to be used in Missouri. You will also be able to enter your name reservation number if applicable.


Step 5- Next, you will have to enter some general info about your LLC such as the duration of the term, the nature of the management (member or manager), the purpose of the LLC and the future effect date (only if applicable). If you’ve elected to have a Series LLC, you can indicate that this is the case by checking off the box.


Step 6- There are two ways of securing your registered agent. On the first page you can enter in the name and search through the generated list by clicking SEARCH REG. AGENT. You may also choose to enter the name manually by clicking I DO NOT WANT TO SEARCH and supplying requisite data (shown in window 3).




Step 7- This step will have you reviewing the submitted data and making any last minute changes before submitting the electronic signatures.


Step 8- You can ADD SIGNER by submitting the individual’s name into the fields provided. Once all organizers’ signatures have been supplied, you can check off the box that indicates that you understand the consequences of submitting false information before continuing to the shopping cart.


Step 9- Review the payment information here, and if it seems reasonable and accurate, proceed by clicking NEXT PAYMENT.


Step 10- The next page will display a payment method selector. Choose between credit card and e-check. As soon as you’ve made your selection, one of the two below windows will present itself.

For credit card payment, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Card type
  • Credit card number
  • CVV
  • Expiration date
  • Name on card
  • Country of residence
  • Full address
  • Phone number


If you’ve decided to pay by electronic check, the following information will be asked of you:

  • Name as it appears on check
  • Account type
  • Address as it appears on check
  • City
  • State
  • Postal code
  • Check type
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number


Step 11- Be sure to review the terms and conditions on this last page before checking the box to show that you agree. Submit your payment to complete your filing and register your new business.


How to File (PDF)

Step 1- You can begin by downloading the Articles of Organization here on our website. Once you have it up in your PDF viewer, you will need to enter the following information into its fields:

  • 1-Name of LLC
  • 2-Purpose for which it was organized
  • 3-Name and address of registered agent
  • 4-Management is vested in managers or members (choose one)
  • 5-Events on which LLC is to dissolve or number of years LLC is to continue
  • 6-Name and address of each organizer
  • 7-Election of series LLC (optional)
  • 8-Effective date of filing (if applicable)
  • Signatures and names of organizers as well as the date


Step 2- You can now submit your document with the attached $105 filing fee to the Secretary of State. Place both items in an envelope addressed to the below location and send it through the mail to their offices.

Corporations Division

PO Box 778 / 600 W. Main St., Rm. 322

Jefferson City, MO 65102


EIN – Domestic LLCs, upon receiving acceptance from the Secretary of State, should immediately take the time to apply for an Employer Identification Number. This number will allow you to use the company name when opening bank accounts, apply for loans, register for credit cards and the like. Employers will also find it impossible to legally hire employees without an EIN. To learn more about the application process, you may review our tutorials on how to apply Online or through the mail by completing the PDF Form SS-4.

Operating Agreement– The organizers of limited liability companies are always advised to consider the possible benefits of incorporating an operating agreement into their company’s business structure. This document is not legally required in the State of Missouri, however, it will serve as legal proof relating to the nature of the relationship of the entity and its members in the case of a future legal dispute. Essentially this will be the only document that will relay the organization of the LLC’s internal affairs. Take a moment to review our free template found linked in the heading of this paragraph.