If you’ve navigated to this Missouri LLC registration tutorial, there’s a good chance that you’re unsure of how to properly file your foreign or domestic limited liability company with the Secretary of State. In our comprehensive guides, catered to your exact needs, we will be able to properly delineate the registration process and get you well on your way to transacting business in the State of Missouri. For the technologically inclined, an online business portal on the government website has allowed for a quick and stress free filing experience. We’ve also included the step by step process needed to submit your formation or application documents through the mail. The filing fees will equate to $50 for online filers and $105 for those opting for the paper filing method. Take the time to review our more detailed guides found linked on this webpage as this tutorial should only serve as a general guideline of the entire filing procedure.

How to File

Step 1- If you plan on filing online, you will first need to create an online account with the Secretary of State and log into this account to reach your homepage. A full tutorial dedicated to this procedure can be found here.

Step 2- A preliminary step that we suggest regardless of the method in which you plan on filing is a name availability check prior to registration to ensure that your chosen business name is indeed unique to you and you alone in the State of Missouri.  A Name Reservation can also be performed for an additional $25 to place a hold on your designation for a period of 60 days.

Step 3- Providing that you’ve ensured that your name is available and your online account has been created (if filing online), you can proceed to fill out the registration documents online or with your PDF viewer. Please select the link below that corresponds with your entity type to learn more about the exact requirements of each.

Step 4- Once the filing forms have been completed and you’ve double checked them for accuracy, you will need to pay the filing fees associated with your registration method. This will mean $50 online, payable by credit card or e-check, or $105 through the mail payable by check made out to the Secretary of State. If you are filing as a foreign LLC, you will also need to attach to your filing a certificate of good standing issued within 60 days of the registration with the Missouri Secretary of State.

Step 5- Ensure that all requisite documentation has been completed and compiled before sending the filing package to the below address (applicable to paper filers exclusively) thus completing the process.

Corporations Division

PO Box 778 / 600 W. Main St., Rm. 322

Jefferson City, MO 65102


EIN – This tip applies only to domestic entities as it is their responsibility, as a newly formed business, to apply for an Employer Identification Number following approval by the Secretary of State. This number will enable the IRS to identify you as a legitimate, tax-paying entity and will in turn allow you to hire employees, apply for loans and otherwise commit to all levels of financial transaction while using the company name. As some may find the application procedure confusing, we have supplied tutorials for both the Online and the Form SS-4 processes here on our website.

Operating Agreement–  Though not legally required in the State of Missouri, it is highly recommended that the organizers of your LLC take a moment to draft an operating agreement to manage the internal affairs of the business. This document, when applied correctly, should clarify the manner in which the organization is to be managed as well as the rules and regulations applied to all company members. Linked in the heading of this paragraph, you will find a free template in both MS Word and PDF formats to assist you in completing this operating agreement more effectively.

How to (Video)